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Mossberg 26C(a) model information wanted


.270 WIN
As the title says I am looking for information on this rare Mossberg model. The 26C(a) is not listed anywhere. I have one of three that I have heard of. Lots of information on 26C and 26B models but nothing so far on the 26C(a).
"I would give Havlin a call. (636) 937-6401" Second place I went. They never heard of it. I have been giving Cheryl information on this one. This model has been lurking on my mind for over a year, maybe 2 now. I was surprised to see one surface here in Canada. I managed to snag it so now the hunt is on for anyone else that has one. I can not locate a post about one with no bolt. I believe it was posted 8 or so years ago. Then last year or early this year there was a barrel on ebay. Not sure but that barrel could have been the one with no bolt parted out. Anyway another Mossberg mystery.
Model 26C(a) as arrived 1.jpg
I have found a second 26C(a) for my collection. From my research this is as original. I am now know of up to 5 26C(a) s but there must be lots more.Both 26C(a) 2.jpg
The bottom one is my second more original 26C(a).