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Mossberg 464 SPX tactical lever rifle

Yacol J

.270 WIN
Canada had a gun show 2 months ago (Taccom) and Mossberg was kind enough to send a rep up to entertain us Canadians, I expressed my disappointment that they discontinued the 464/HS12 asked if they were any plans to resurrect the 464 model in the future (none at this time). I also wrote to Mossberg expressing my disappointment in the discontinuation but also that there was no advanced notice.

I am content that I was able to purchase a 464 before the discontinuation.

Not 4 sale.
Hey, I didn't realize that there were 3 generations of the 464 SPX. I have pictures of mine earlier in this feed. It is a first generation with the rails literally screwed to the side of a plastic forgrip. The second generation ditched the crappy forgrip for an all in one design with three small rail sections, similar to this but with the gen 1 buttstock. What is pictured here is a 3rd generation. It has a better looking buttstock. I prefer my crappy rails and rail covers.

Yacol J

.270 WIN
I remember when the 464 SPX first came out, people thought it was an abomination. A tactical lever action makes no sense. Look back in the forums. The comments are still there. I've had this gun since 2016. Just remember, we started this tactical lever action revolution!!!


I am late to this party. 11 or 12 years ago I was hankering for a lever gun. I stopped in a small gun shop Kansas just to look around. Well anyways, the fella had a nice 336 in 30-30 he wanted $275 for. I ended up with the rifle and 2 boxes of ammo for like $315 including taxes. It's a JM stamped gun from 03 or 04. One of the last Marlins, sounds like a movie title, lol.

I have since stopped in there many times. I usually end up with a couple of boxes of ammo at the least. That rifle still resides with me.