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Mossberg 510 mini $249 used


.270 WIN
Im really kickin this around, There's a local gun shop here by me that has 2 used Mossberg 510 mini's. The one is 410ga and the other 20ga. Im more interested in the 20ga. its Mossy Oak Obsession camo for $249.00. I've read some of the issue these guns have, most seem to be simple fixes. So is worth the $249 used price? Thanks for any thought on this!
Tough call. I guess for $200 cash OTD I'd grab the 20-ga and see how it does.

The question I have with youth guns in a pawn shop/gun shop is:

1) - Did the kid just outgrow an otherwise decent shotgun? Or,

2) - is the gun malf'ing and the owner decided to dump it?

I promise you if they are setting a price tag of the "mid-two's" they gave less than a hundred bucks for it. If you decide to grab one of them definitely go with the 20-ga if it's still available. And talk them down some.

If they would agree to letting you shoot it, darn sure take them up on their offer and then decide.

If you want to put 20% down as a deposit let me know and while it's on lay-away I'll send you some 20-ga dummy rounds if the LGS will let you run them thru the gun before you buy.
Look around .You can buy a NEW Mav 88 for $220. Same shotgun. :)
Thanks nitesite, I appreciate the offer! I'll check more on the gun. They've had both for awhile now. I may be able to do some dickering.