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Mossberg 800 stock?


Copper BB
I have this Boyd's stock, don't remember how I acquired it, not sure exactly what it is, but it may be a 800 series rifle stock?


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I bet boyds could probably ID it. Especially if they can read the numbers they stamped in it.
I tried them, sent the images, they just told me that they could not find my name in their data base. They don't show the 800 in their current production, I asked if they had the numbers in their archives, so I could maybe try to match them to the numbers stamped on the stock, but they did not return any answers.
I inherited mine from my uncle when he passed. The story goes the dropped it out of a tree stand and broke the original at the wrist. Replaced it with a Boyds. When I got it, it was missing the bolt. I even posted on here trying to find a replacement. We found the original waaaay back on a closet shelf when we cleaned his apartment out.
He finished the stock with BLO. It is a beautiful deep walnut.