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Mossberg 930 Hiviz rear sight


Got one of these for my JM PRO 930 for longer shots in 3gun.... Many say a rear sight is not necessary in 3 gun but I figured I would at least throw it on and give it a shot.... whats you all's opinion ?
Did a match recently that had 100 yard slug shots on an 18" x 26" steel plate. 9 shots, 3 positions, and a 60 second time limt. The guys with Dots did fine. The of the guys with bead sights (12 on my squad), the only 2 that hit all 9 shots wee the guys with front and rear sights. 1 had the one you posted, and the other had a 930 SPX with the shost ring sights. You don't see them much on huntin shotguns, but 3gun shotguns have them much more often.
I have been looking for something similar to this. not necessarily for 3-gun, but for 3-gun "type" shooting. I love ghost rings but I'm looking for something subtle that would allow me to still use the gun for clays and wing shooting. I think the one you posted might work.
are you going to use it with the stock front fiber optic "dot"
ps, tattoo, my 930 JM pro doesn't come in until thursday. Am I going to love it as much as I think I'm going to?
Yes I am going to run it with the stock hiviz front sight..... yes you will love it, its worth the wait, shot a bunch of buckshot & slugs today with her & my shoulders feeling it...one hell of a machine....Post some pick when you bring yours home.....Here's the rear sight & gg&g mag follower im running
you definitely have my interest now. Any chance of getting us a shooters eye view?
how far back on the rib can they be mounted?