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Mossberg 930 Spx in kryptek typhon


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Hey guys, I bought a 930 Spx in kryptek typhon nib about 5 years ago. Well I rarely shot it and now it's time for it to go. My question is. I cant find any info on what this model number is selling for. It seems like they didn't make many and I cant seem to find a comparable price for today's market.. the model is 85373 and there is very little info on it anywhere on the web. Any help is appreciated


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Heading over to gunbroker.com the model number came up without a match. Searching "930 SPX" there were a number of variations at this LINK. Seems like the base SPX with pistol grip are selling for $700-$800 new. l don't know if the kryptek would demand a premium. You could probably expect $500-$600 face-to-face sale if legal in your state. The box and "like-new" condition add value. A dealer would probably offer you $400-$500 as he/she has to make a profit on it. I'm guessing so don't quote me on any of this. ;)

BTW, Welcome Aboard! :)