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Mossberg Blaze Rimfire Rifle


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Blaze - 37314

Blaze - 37319 - Kryptek Highlander

Blaze - 37317 - Muddy Girl

Blaze - 37318 - Wildfire

Mossberg's newest rimfire autoloader series delivers fun-to-shoot simplicity


  • Caliber - .22 LR
  • Capacity - 11 or 26
  • Barrel - 16.5"
  • Sights - Adj FO/Adj Rifle
  • Scope - None
  • Twist - 1:16
  • Length Of Pull - 13.5"
  • Finish - Blued
  • Stock - Synthetic
  • Weight - 3.5 lb
  • Overall Length - 35.75"


  • Polymer receiver
  • Four (4) finish options: Black, Muddy Girl, Highlander or Wildfire (see drop down and select)
  • Kryptek Highlander model offers a barrel-mounted picatinny rail
  • Easy to load 25 round magazine
  • Free Gun Lock
I saw the video and the Mossberg guy couldn't hit the shotgun shells with the iron sights but the green dot nailed them.
I think a better set of sights is in order.
Maybe something military style with a rail to go with it.......
Anyone know where to get extra mags for the blaze, 25 round???
I could not find them on the Mossberg website.
Still pretty new to the market, so your best bet is to call Mossberg sales and order direct:

(800) 363-3555
I bought the basic black Blaze two weeks ago. Mounted a red dot device on it, and sighted it in. It came with the 25 round magazine. I got two Mossberg 10-rd. mags from Cheaper Than Dirt and they came much faster then the two free 25 rd. mags that are promised from Mossberg. The following are my impressions and some issues.

1. The 25 rd. mag tends to get jammed up if you fill it all the way up. My brother-in-law bought one the same day I did and his magazine has the same problem. I encountered a failure to feed in every loading when trying to fire rounds 20 - 25. The rounds below round 20 functioned fine. After careful examination, I've determined the fault lies in how the rounds stack. With rimmed cartridges it is critical that each round's rim lies in front of the rim of the round below. If you load those long magazines by pulling the follower down so there is slack, it is possible for the rim of one or two of those last rounds to get behind the rim of the round below it. That cannot work - it locks the round into the magazine and it will absolutely fail to feed. You have to be extremely careful in loading the mag so that there is not any slack in the magazine as you add the last few rounds. Just to be safe, I load the entire magazine the same way: I pull the button just enough to take the spring tension off the rounds and slide the new rounds in while holding the mag horizontal. The result is 25 sure shots. When loaded this way, the magazine seems to be very reliable and functional. It locks into the rifle easily and rock solid, and it is easy to remove.
The 10 rd. mags don't seem to have that problem, as I would expect.

2. My red dot sight is mounted onto the plastic stock which is loosely locked around the receiver and barrel. The result is that there is some innaccuracy in the rifle. I get a group that is 3-4 inches wide horizontally, although only about two inches vertically, and this at a range of 25 feet. That is not great accuracy! The probable best solution is to get the picatinny rail, but it seems like the rail is hard to get at this time. Mossberg's website has a photo of a rail kit with riser blocks and screws with the rail packaged specifically for the Blaze rifle. Fantastic! But it is not listed on the Mossberg online catalog and I can't find anybody who has it for sale. The online catalog has a plain rail without the risers and screws. I will be calling Mossberg to see if I can get my hands on the rail kit. The rail will mount directly to the barrel, which will ensure rock solid allignment and should dramatically improve accuracy.

3. The plastic sight can be moved by finger pressure without loosening the screws and all that needs to be said about using that as the primary sight is don't expect good results.

So I will continue to try to get the rifle to where it fires like an old marine likes his firearms to shoot. On the other hand, without any changes the Blaze is a fun, easy to operate little rifle that will be great for my grandkids to use in burning up my ammo. Which is a good thing. I'm glad I bought it.
Thank you for your initial impressions on the rifle.

With this new Blaze line we were hoping Mossberg would have addressed a few of these same issues our members have had with the earlier 715T model, but apparently they did not. Like you said, it's still a fun plinker regardless...
Looking long and hard at the Blaze. Already have a Plinkster, Henry Golden Boy, and a couple of Ruger 10/22s. Looking for a light weight shooter to use as a change of pace from the Rugers. Have to go with the ten round magazine and very few mods due to my current residence. Anyone purhcase one that can give pros and cons please? Thanks.
So I went and got a very nice deal on a lightly used Blaze this afternoon. Ordered some add-ons from Mossberg and will keep you up to date on my progress. Might bore the heck out of you, but why not.
Here is my brief review of the Blaze.
I bought this rifle at High Falls Outfitters in Belleville Ontario, in October 2017, I paid around $220. This model only came with one-ten round mag, and no optic.
At first I was hesitant of the dovetail being mounted to the stock and not directly to the receiver for accuracy issues, and I was right. I have tried three scopes, Centerpoint4x32, Tasco 4x15, and Tasco 3-9x32, mounted to the built in dovetail, ammo used was CCi Minimags, Winchester bulk, and Federal American Eagle, same results. At 25 yards with a shooting rest, accuracy was not too bad. At 50 yards accuracy and consistency is not good, POI varies considerably. With the scope or other optic mounted to the stock and not the receiver itself, there is too much shifting during firing. I did much better with the open sights, because they are mounted on the barrel. The front sight is pretty good and solid, the rear sight is good too,but does have a flaw. Adjusting elevation is easy enough, but windage adjustment is not great. The elongated slot for windage is good, but there is a centre counter-sink in the sight, so when you adjust for windage, and retighten screw, the sight has a tendency to shift to the counter-sink, you have to be real careful and use a thumb-hold on the sight as you tighten the screw. As for as ammo feeding goes, no real issues.
This rifle should have been made with a much better open rear sight, also the picatinny rail should be standard issue, (just a side note, I cannot find any dealer in Ontario who carries the picatinny rail kit, I may have to make one), the optic used can be up to the purchaser to buy.
I have been hunting for over thirty years, so I do have experience. I have a couple of Cooey,s , my dads 600, he got for Christmas when I was about five years old and a Cooey 60, that I found in the attic of my house. The 60 was in pretty bad condition, rusted, pitted etc. I used emery cloth on the metal, used black heat enamel spray paint on the metal, and just hand-rubbed the stock, and I made scope mounts, and used a CenterPoint 4x32. This rifle, at 50 yards is far more accurate than the Mossberg Blaze ever thought of being with out the rail kit.
The Blaze is a good and fun shooter, and I am glad I bought it, shot about 10 rabbits this winter, but if you do not have the scope rail for it, just use the open sights, you wont get frustrated and you will save money on ammo.
I wanted to up-date the accuracy of the Mossberg blaze. I have finally got the right ammo for this rifle. After trying several brands and loads, I have hit the right one. Winchester Super X .22 Long Rifle 37-Grain is a great round for this rifle, well for mine anyhow. I ditched using a scope, just using open sights. I sighted the rifle in at 50 yards, and I can get a 1/2 group of 5 shots. I set up 500mil. water bottles at 60, 70 and 80 yards. Using a table and just some blankets as a rest I was able to hit all the bottles with one shot each.
I went hunting , didn't get anything,lol. So after handling the rifle, walking through the woods and such, I double checked the accuracy, and at 80 yards, it was still bang on.
So, for me, using open sights and the Win. Super X ammo, I am very happy with the accuracy of this rifle.
I know my posts may be long-winded, but I thought it may help other Blaze owners.
Finally, to the range!. Fired appx 210 rounds of Winchester M-22 using the 10 round magazines without a flaw. First time using rifle, so targets were at 10 yards and 25 yards. No reason to be a "Super Hero" right out of the gate. The Blaze is a FUN little plinker. Once I made compoensated my low and right shooting, the rounds were much better on the paper. Easy to shoot, easy to swap magazines, the safety on the stock was easy to access and use; the Blaze is exactly what I was looking for. As countryboy noted, the stock sights were good, however, with my eyes not getting any younger I am going to invest in a scope. Had taken my 702 out also, but my battery was dead despite my checking before I left the house, so it was a fun but a bit shorter day than I had hoped.
Overall, I had as much as with my 10/22s, and the Blaze is a lot lighter.
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