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Mossberg Blaze - Youth/Compact


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Blaze - 37313 - Youth/Compact

Mossberg's newest rimfire autoloader is a great starter rifle with this Bantam youth model, featuring a 12" length of pull for smaller stature shooters


  • Caliber - .22 LR
  • Capacity - 11
  • Barrel - 16.5"
  • Sights - Adj FO/Adj Rifle
  • Scope - None
  • Twist - 1:16
  • Length Of Pull - 12"
  • Finish - Blued
  • Stock - Synthetic Black
  • Weight - 3.5 lb
  • Overall Length - 34.25"


  • Polymer receiver
  • Reduced 12" LOP stock offers a great fit for youths and smaller stature shooter
  • Easy to load 10 round magazine
  • Free Gun Lock
What is the least expensive and reliable way to make this rifle suppressor ready? Thank you!
ST. Welcome to Mossberg Owners from E TN.

This is the least expensive and least reliable suppressor I know of:
I'm not sure how the front sight is attached. I don't know whether it's silver soldered or if it's bolted in. But regardless, the front sight will have to be removed, or moved.

If you can't move the front sight rearward and retap it (if it's bolted on), you'd need to scope the gun.

Then the barrel will have to be threaded.

That's not only the least expensive and most reliable way, it's the only way.
I honestly don't think I would trust it.

If either the barrel, or the thread adapter, or a combination of both are off, you can have baffle or endcap strikes in the silencer due to that. And since suppressors are so regulated, you don't want to risk destroying them.

I am going to assume that you're in the US, so you're easily going to be spending $300 on a silencer. Likely more once the tax and everything is said and done. I recommend that you have the barrel threaded 1/2-28 by someone who is experienced in threading barrels. This can typically be done for $45-$100 depending on who you want to thread it.

I would not trust an adapter to be concentric with the bore in the first place. (remember this note he has in the product description: Mossberg has been all over the place with the barrel diameters and I want to make sure this item fits correctly )

And even if it is made straight, how are you going to guarantee that it's never going to move on the barrel or fly off while you're shooting, again, likely destroying the silencer?

I'm not trying to be a hair in the soup, but concentric barrel threading is the best choice of muzzle attachment. Anything else is too risky.

Looking at the barrel diameter, most gunsmiths won't even have to remove the barrel from the receiver. They can chuck it up through the headstock and thread it that way. I do most of my 22 barrels like that all the time because it's easier.
That is good feedback, thank you! I started looking around at barrel threading and was seeing $100+... good to know I might find it for a little less. I appreciate it.
Here's a place that threads ruger 10/22 barrels for $55. The plinker barrel isn't much different. And probably even easier if you remove the front sight before sending them the barrel.


Wouldn't hurt to drop them an email and ask. Just send an picture of the gun/barrel with the email. Worst thing he can say is no.