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Mossberg Maverick Hunter O/U 12 guage


Copper BB
1. Is this shotgun actually a Mossberg or some subsidiary? I can't find it at Mossberg.com, but may just be blind.
2. If a Mossberg, is there a detailed review in this forum?
3. What is the model number for the gun?
4. Those with this or a similar O/U, has anyone added/changed sights and if so, to what/why/how - to use for trap/skeet shooting?
1. It is made by Maverick Arms (branch of Mossberg) and is not currently on any of their sites. It is available though.
2. Unfortunately we have not had a member post up a detailed review but I have a friend who has one. He seems like like it and uses it for skeet regularly.
3. Mossberg 75445
4. I can't comment on this.

Hope that helps...