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Mossberg MMR Hunter Tactical AR15 5.56 .223 Accessories

Okay, I'll start. They should have stayed with MMR, and MMR tactical. I know I'm not allowed to hunt with a .223 in my state! :lol:

The hunter definitely looks good. Put a scout scope on there? Yummy! Let's hope it's a winner!
oli700 said:
thats only for big game though right?

Well, for deer certainly. Though I grew up calling that "hunting" not "big game hunting". When I was a kid you had to take your life into your hands before you were allowed to call it big game hunting.

But for a general shooting and defense gun, I'm liking the looks of the hunter. I posted in here because of my desire to slap a scout scope on there. And actually for 3 gun style competition, I dig that forend and the full stock. Not much for the rail forends and collapsing stocks.
Well I know I want to pick up a Mossberg MMR Hunter AND Tactical and start modding away!!!
We're only allowed to hunt Coyote with high power rifles in Iowa. May have to pick up a new hobby :twisted:
Sn3aKyGuY said:
We're only allowed to hunt Coyote with high power rifles in Iowa. May have to pick up a new hobby :twisted:

Same here in Ohio. Just add a scope and i think it would do it!
I have used a several of my AR's for 'poodle-popping' - (coyote to ground hogs to etc.)

I don't know that I would use one in 5.56/.223 for 'deer-sized' game, but I'm sure there are a few out there who have and swear by it.

For that size of game, I do have uppers in 6.8SPC, 6.5 Grendel, and 30 Rem. All have worked well.

For BIGGER game, move up to 7.62 (.308), .458 SOCOM, or even the .450 Bushmaster. Olympic Arms is making uppers in .338, also. ;)

If this venture works out for Mossberg, I can foresee them dabbling into a 7.62 model in the future. All depends on sales.

I haven't seen the formal 'technical spec' sheet on these yet, but they look like standard receivers. That being the case, one could buy any of these new Mossy's and assemble or buy a few different upper assemblies to fit one's needs ;)

I wonder if Mossberg will offer accessories, and if so, what kinds.
I wanted to set my new MMR Tactical up with a quick disconnect, 2-point sling with the ability to transition to “single point” mount if circumstances called for it. I decided I wanted to go with Magpul design and was looking at the MS3 QD system. That would have required changing the stock with a sling mount kit or installing a QD receiver end plate (not my preference) in addition to buying the sling and hardware itself.

I am happy with the standard Colt style stock that came with my MMR and it seemed like a waste to have to change it out. So, I purchased the GG&G QD “Rear Sling Thing” and ended up with a great system without having to change the buttstock. “Rear Sling Thing” link: http://www.gggaz.com/sling-thing-sling-attachments.html

This setup saved a few bucks and a bit of labor and works really well as both a two point or single point system. In a single point hookup, I can transition from left to right shoulder shooting very easily.

I thought I’d pass this on for those that may be interested. It is an option to consder.


700_6575.jpg 700_6576.jpg 700_6578.jpg 700_6579.jpg 700_6585.jpg
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Mister e, would appericate if you could tell me what, POODLE POPPING, IS WHAT ARE YOU SHOOTING ???
Thank you for your answer.