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Mossberg MVP Bolt Action Accessories

Ah, very nice!

Thanks for the input. Would you mind posting up a review of the trigger once you've had a chance to run some rounds through the rifle?
Will do...dry firing shows a substantial improvement. I ordered the 1.5 lb trigger. Install was easy but it did need some adjustments out of the box for the safety to work properly. The instructions were good.
According to Facebook the MVP is now making use of the flex system. This will introduce a whole new line of accessories to the rifle!
Cheaperthandirt... VOMIT! ;) lol Some good info for commies.... :lol:

Thanks for the link! I see some many pictures of the MVP with Iron Sights <3
I like the Flex model with the regular but stock, the carbine stock is still growing on me.. a little awkward yet to look at
clovisshooter said:
Has anyone else thought about adding a muzzle brake to their MVP?

I added a Levang Linear to mine, don't know that there was a substantial reduction in recoil, but the sound was way different - directed a lot of the pressure away from me, which makes it even more comfortable to shoot!
The high comb on the MVP combined with the med/high rings that came with the scope I got set the scope up just a bit too high for me to get a proper eye height to line up with the crosshairs without craning my neck. I ordered a Blackhawk Cheek pad and it was way too high. I was almost looking at the top of the eyepiece ring using that pad. I ordered another pad, a Voodoo pad from Amazon and the pad worked perfectly. It comes with an extra addon pad that gives another 1/4" lift but that piece was not needed. My sightline is now perfect.

Blackhawk Cheek Pad link:


Voodoo Cheek Pad link:


Voodoo Cheek Pad pics:

Voodoo Cheek Pad 2 Cropped.JPG Voodoo Cheek Pad_Coyote_resized.jpg
I checked and it was disappointing to see that Hogue does not offer a stock for the MVP series. Does anybody else offer replacement stocks for them? It's not that I don't like my patrol stock, but I handled a Remington tactical that comes with the Hogue stock and it is really good feeling in the hands.
For stocks you got the LSS chassis from MDT, Boyds makes a bunch of different stocks for the MVP both the small action 5.56 and the short action 7.62/.308 and now McMillan is making their A5 for the MVP.
Recoil Pad & Magazine
Re: Mossberg MVP LC 18 308 stock model ...
> Is there a Recoil Pad than anyone knows of that would fit this unit?
> Are there any 15-round magazines for this unit.
I find that the Mossberg mag that came with my MVP Patrol 223/556 has almost zero mag wobble. Does anyone have a good/reasonable source for them? Thanks.
I ordered 4 Lancer AR mags from GunMagazineWarehouse and 4 Mossberg MVP mags from the online store. both were perfect at the range and only the PMAG had a couple failures to load. The PMAGs were a couple years old and were pretty sloppy in the mag well. I mentioned before that the rifle was newly minted and it has a larger bolt knob like the 308. There's a chance that Mossberg may have improved the magwell. The factory and Lancer mags had almost zero movement in the magwell.
Anyone one make a extended mag release for the scout in 308 cause that is really the only issue I have with this gun other then the P-mag spring being to strong and causing feed issues.
I added a Caldwell Picatinny rail/sling adapter to my MVP Patrol. It attached to the front sling mount and I also added a MFT vertical grip. Steady target shooting with little or no muzzle rise. Added a Romeo5 red dot (removed the riser) and couldn't be happier with the results.