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Mossberg Owners Forum Troubleshooting...


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This is a thread dedicated to any and all issues or concerns regarding the forum:

I am experiencing periods where the forum is quite slow to navigate. Is anyone else having this issue?

Re: Forum speed?

We are currently working on this issue and it will get resolved.


Guys, I don't mean to be a jerk and I realize it is 2010 and all but really pink? Hot pink no less. Is there anyway we can get another color for the vendors? Maybe electric blue? Or forest green. Just an observation.
Re: Pink

LOL I can make it any color that you guys want. Only reason I choose pink was that it stands out a ton of the forum so it would help members know who vendors are better. Let me know the color you want and I will go ahead and make the change.
Re: Pink

Well what color stands out a lot other than pink? Neon yellow-greenish.. That is a pretty bright color and the green tint will make it easy to see.


Re: Pink

lol! I totally agree about the pink! The green is way better-er!
problem on old posts

For about the last month or so I have been unable to pull up old posts. I keep getting the message to the effect that there are no posts during that time frame. Changing the time frame to 1 year doesn`t help. although this should pull up everything.
Re: problem on old posts

I click on the post which yields a screen with the posts for the last 7 days. Then I change the 7 days to 1 yr on the dropdown box and hit `go`which yields a screen with all posts for the last year, but when i click on one of these I get the no posts in this time frame`` message.
Buttons & Smilies Not Working?

Is anyone else having problems with the buttons at the top of the message box and the smilies not working? When I click on the Img, Quote, etc. buttons or the Smilies nothing happens.
Re: Buttons & Smilies Not Working?


I think it's the Internet settings on my new laptop. I'm seeing "Active Content Removed" on a number of different websites.
Re: Buttons & Smilies Not Working?

I am glad you were able to figure it out. Let me know if you still have issues.
Avatar for a new guy?


Can someone here email me an avatar link that will be acceptable to the 'system' parameters, please?
My first choice is Marvin the Martian, and second is Elmer Fudd. If you would be so kind, I'd appreciate it. I tried to upload one, but it says the images are too large.

My email: rifleman.jason@gmail.com

Re: Avatar for a new guy?

Hey Beau, the best I can tell ya is you'll have to play around with the file sizes.

You can copy and save a pic and then upload it to Photobucket or something similar to be resized, or you can select the pic from your files and right click on properties I think and select edit I think.

I've had a hard time resizing too...