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Mossberg Serial Number Data Base

Welcome. Look's like it's a 1996. As far as value goes you can look on a site like Gun broker.com and see what they are going for.
Thank you for posting your numbers. I'll update our data base.
A basic field grade 500a that vintage is worth anywhere from $200-$300, maybe less, maybe more if it is a specialty model. Low use, excellent condition will demand a premium. Well loved, nicks and dings, not so much. :) Keep in mind a new Mossberg 88 is $200-$250...

The advanced search feature on GB has a "completed listings" feature which you should use to see what similar models sold for and go from there.
Welcome. Looking at our data base it's a 1983 model.
Thank you for posting your numbers. I'll update our data base.
Thank you for posting your numbers. I'll update our database.
My father-in-law just gave me a 12 ga Mossy 500 with 28" AccuChoke barrel, J085xxx, so I'm thinking 1983, right? I didn't think they made accuchoke back then
Congrats, nice gift! Yes it's a 1983. Not sure when Mossberg came out with their accuchoke.
I have a 500 24" barrel, Camo finish, If I remember correctly, it was sold as a turkey gun. It is a 12g Pump action. serial number is P203531.
I don't know much more than that. the gun was stored in a safe for 15 years. Any more information you could find out for me would be appreciated.

Look's like it's a 1997 model. Thank you for posting your numbers. I'll update our data base.
This is a big project folks, and Old Mossy has done a great job getting it rolling.

Mossberg serial numbers are typically 7-characters. They have a letter prefix and then 6 numbers, like this: A123456 or Z654321. ALPHA comes before BRAVO, and 100000 comes before 900000. So far it looks like this:
  • 500 / 590 / Revelation / New Haven 600 all use standard sequence
  • 535 have AT prefix - AT147xxx
  • 835 have UM (UltiMag) prefix - UM509xxx
  • Maverick 88 have MV (Maverick) prefix, 5 numbers, and letter. Like this: MV12345 K

This post will be updated as we gather data.

So, I just picked up a Mossberg 500A with serial number 64652. I was trying to guess what year it might be from, I was thinking 1965 ish because it only has one action bar. I am glad to see this post! It looks like a late 1967. It's in rough shape cosmetically, someone swapped the stock for a 80's model at some point, but it functions! I might try to source an original 67 stock, that'll be easy, right? haha. Thanks for keeping this page going!