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Mossberg Trappers Special or Model B


Copper BB
I am in process of restoring a Mossberg TRAPPERS SPECIAL .22 cal. single shot rifle. Planning to give it to one of my Great Granddaughters as her 1st firearm. Unfortunately, I have lost a part, which is called the Trigger Stud. I suspect that the chance of finding that part is very slim. So, I am looking for someone who has a Trappers Special or Model B or even a Model 10 which I have been told uses this same part, who would be willing to take apart their rifle and make measurements that allow me to have a part fabricated. If that plan does not pan out, I am looking to purchase another Trappers Special/Model B/Model 10 which has that part. I would appreciate any help or input. Thank you.
PaPa Bill
Give Havlin a call. They are the pros when it comes to old Mossbergs. (636) 937-6401
I have tried Havlin, they say they don't have any parts for the TRAPPERS SPECIAL, Model B, or Model 10 Family one piece bolt versions. Still searching.
I'm glad they had the part you needed.

Many years ago, I had an old stevens pump 12 gauge that I had earmarked to give to my oldest son at the time.

I put it in lay-a-way the day after he born.

I kept the gun for years and had gotten it out occasionally to clean it, and I rubbed my rag over the receiver and it snagged one of the screws that went to the ejector and it sheered the head right off of it.

I kept the other parts, but it took me literally YEARS to find the right screw for that old gun. And when I did, I didn't hesitate to buy it on the spot either.

I was finally able to give it to him (in working condition) once he got old enough.

So, I understand exactly where you're coming from buddy. Exactly.

We're glad you joined the forum. While we are a mossberg owners forum, please don't think that's all we're about here. We're just as happy talking about any other gun brand, or even giving your great grandaughter her first gun.

Matter of fact, that automatically gets you on the good guy list here. Bravo to you sir.
Believe it or not, debay is a good source for weird gun parts. They are still cunty about receivers and 80% but I found a receiver screw for my sporterized M1917 US Enfield but at $20 I'm holding off for now.

BTW Global, Welcome Aboard! :)
Hello All,
Thanks for your words John A. I have three Great Granddaughters, the oldest is 11, her younger sister is 9 and the newest addition is 11 months. My Grandson and I have been teaching to two older girls about guns, gun safety and to shoot. We even took them with us on our last trip to eastern Colorado to relocate prairie dogs. I am the Chairman and Founder of The Prairie Dog Relocation Team (1990 to present day). Our Moto is: "From Here to Eternity"

I received the part from Havlin Sales. Turns out it is from a later model. My Trappers Special is the 1928-1929 vintage (barrel marking TRAPPERS SPECIAL). The Trigger Stud threads into the barrel like subsequent versions but the later versions are a round shape stud with a shot for the trigger. The early version is a smaller diameter threaded stud and the interface to the trigger is a flat about 3/16" thick that fits into a slot in the trigger and the trigger is pinned into place. I think my options are to find someone who has and old Trappers Special like mine (early guns were marked on the barrel TRAPPERS SPECIAL), and see if they can take photos and make measurements of the Trigger Stud sufficient that my gunsmith can fabricate a part. The other option is the fins a TRAPPERS SPECIAL for sale and buy it.
There are so many decent single shot .22s out there that I wouldn't get too wrapped around the axle in that project. Maybe just move on?

Welcome to the forum!

Keep posting. We love to hear about our members and what they are doing!!!!!