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My 44US

Buck Rio

Copper BB
Here are some detail pics of my 44US. It is the cleanest, most original one I have seen. I have seen many clean 44US rifles that have been arsenal reworked considering the parkerized metal and the stock cartouche missing or worn down to nothing. Mine has the original blueing with strong color case hardening on the bolt shank. The stock cartouche is crisp (though I couldn't get a good picture of it.

All you experts out there tell me if there is anything I am missing or need to know about this rifle.


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I have a list of production dates but don't know how correct it is.
According to your chart, mine was made in early 1944. The cost to the government in 1944 would be equal to about $250. today, which is just a little less than what I paid for it.

I'm still amazed that a rifle made for the military 79 years ago has remained in near mint condition.
I got ours from CMP as a barreled action missing parts for $30. Believe it or not back then I hesitated to get it as it may not be worth it. Well times changed and the $30 and parts hunt was worth it.
Our $30 M44 and some 50 yd targets.

These were used for training the military, correct?
Yes. There was at least the Mossbergs, 513 Remington, H&R M12 (I think), Kimber 82 Government, Remington 40X, and probably more were 22s used by the military for various training missions. Most were used by the Army.