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My 802 Plinkster is a natural bor killer!!


.270 WIN
I bought the 802 plinkster with the thumb hole stock. I topped it with a Simmons 22 Mag scope and it really puts the head shots on the squirrels. I'm shooting the Winchester M-22 ammo, it was the only ammo I could find at the time. After about five shots while siting in the rifle I was shooting nickel sized holes at 80yrds. I gave $119.00 for this gun brand new, I couldn't believe what a fine little rifle this turned out to be. I did have a little problem with the bolt action being sticky and not very smooth but after cleaning out the factory grease and lubing it up with a lighter oil it's pretty sweet!
It's a nicely made rifle for the money!!
Congrats on your new Mossy. you get a chance post a pic or two. :D