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My Filipino Knife Collection

S.R. Crawford

.270 WIN
I picked up some new items today so I was taking pictures for Instagram, decided I should probably show off a little. I'm not Filipino but my Grandma spent a lot of time in the Phillipines when she was in the Peace Corps and brought most of these back. I also tend to collect a lot of knives in general and have a healthy appreciation for Eastern martial arts so it's only natural I would end up with a lot of these.

From left to right:

A pair of well-loved rattan training sticks I bought for an FMA class a few years back

My new item

Small bolo knife with what I can only assume is a palm wood grip

Masalong Karambit

The new item is my Grandma's machete she brought back from a Peace Corps trip in 1962. I found it today doing some handyman work for her. It still has a decent edge but I need to clean some rust off and moisten the leather scabbard.
The bolo knife is also hers, she fought off a home invader with it in San Francisco sometime in the '60s. Needs work.
The Karambit has been one of my EDCs for about the last year, I usually carry about three knifes including this one. The other two are pocket folders.
Nice story Mr. Crawford. Reminded me of one of my favorite Cheap Trick songs!

Father says your mother's right
She's really up on things
Before we married Mommy served
In the WACs in the Philippines

Now I had heard the WACs recruited
Old maids for the war
But Mommy isn't one of those
I've known her all these years