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My Knives

I wish I could double like your topic meanstreak.

My Dad was a knife collector. He had a few case knives that weren't even in those collector books. Even Case themselves said they didn't even recognize one set that he had. He mailed photos of it when I was in grade school (long before emails existed) just so they could have the photo for future reference.

They wrote him a thank you letter for him sending the pictures and said they intended to include them in some upcoming collector bible they were talking about at the time. I think my half brother ended up with most all of his knives. But we shall not go there. I do not speak of him very often. And for good reason.
John, that's a cool story. I hope my son's appreciate some of the things I have done and pass them to my grandkids long after I am gone.

Thanks for sharing.
They should, that's a really nice collection of knives.

A knife is a timeless heirloom.

I have a few more things that I have locked up in my safe, but they're not really knives. My Great Grandfathers horse hair shaving brush, a matchbox car (a true matchbox car that is shaped like a Model T that would fit in a matchbox) that used to belong to my Dad when he was a little boy and some other things. The matchbox car even still has the little piece of leather tab over the seat.

This is the bulk of my collection. Most of them have been given to me, some of the others I've bought and used a lot over the years. There are also some challenge coins that I have been given over the years by good friends of mine.

knives 011.JPG

Below are the knives that have been handed down to me. The Owls Head *UK Wildcats* knife was my late Father-In-Laws. He picked this knife up not long before he passed away.

The next 3 knives in a row were my Grandfathers. The bone handled one has been handed down twice now. The bottom one was his daily carry.

The stainless knife on the far right was my Grandmothers. It had previously been my Uncles. Story I was told was that he either picked it up or was issued it during his service in WW2 though it doesn't looks like any other issue knife I have ever seen so I assume he probably won it in a poker game. There are also some of his Zippos in the picture.

I have a few of my wifes stepdads knives too, but they're not in the pictures. The little round plastic container has some ancient pottery in it that me and my uncle had dug up. We sent it to University of KY and they carbon dated it to between 970-1009 AD.
knives 012.JPG
John, I really like scrimshaw and it looks like you have some very nice ones. It's really cool you have some really nice heirlooms in there. I personally prefer folders . That's a nice assortment you have.

Zippos are an American tradition. I have one but it's only about 30 years old or so and has never been used. I bought it many years ago just because I liked it.

Things we see and are around become priceless when they are passed to us.
Yes sir. They do.

Just because it had once belonged to someone we cared about. Wouldn't take a million dollars for any of them.

I know that it's pretty crazy, but I have my Dads old 25 foot tape measure. With him being a carpenter and a coal miner, you can only imagine the hours he spent using it.

To this day, when I am doing a project around the house, that's usually the tape measure that I grab first. Kind of helps me along having something of his that I can still use to make something good and building on something he taught me using the same tools that he used for so many years.
Ya know, these days things that used to last a life time are now made in China and might last 5-10 years. The president is right to try to get more manufacturing to come back to the good old USA. I just hope people can be patient enough to make it happen.
I agree wholeheartedly.

I believe most of us on this forum can remember when the US was the production capital of the world.

Now, most all the businesses on main street have boards over the windows and condemned signs hanging on the front door. :(
A Schrade USA uncle henry, UH285. It was made before they started makin 'em in China. I picked it up this week.

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