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My Mossberg Patriot review


Copper BB
I am so happy I purchased the Patriot 308. I was sceptical of the purchase because of all the bad reviews out there. I loved how the Walnut stock looked so I took the chance. I bought three different rounds and went to the range today. I decided to shoot at 50 yards since I'm a novice rifle shooter. I shoot my Diasy 880 a lot and hoped my accuracy with my air rifle would transfer to my Patriot. The first three shots I took were about 10 inches to the right. I adjusted the scope and took another three shots that were about two inches to the left. I adjusted some more up and down on the scope and I found myself hitting dead center. I was grouping an inch group at 50 yards with a gun that was my first time shooting. She shot so nice with a slight kick to the left from the recoil. I settled on the federal premium 175Gr but all the round grouped exactly the same, they were just hitting at different spots. I can't wait to go back to the range and do the 100 yards to see if I made the right choice of ammo and rifle combo.


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