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My wife is typing this for me...... I won't be here for a little while.


Average Guy
I'll be short. I got hurt pretty bad, Lost lots of blood (2-L ) 25 staples now in my forehead. I also snapped my C2 cervical spine, but neuro surgeon says it was a clean straight break. Also a severe concussion. I can still wiggle all my fingers and toes......I hope recovery is good on the other side of this.

My wife says the staples in my bald head looks like it has a chainsaw chain growing out of it. :) This damn near killed or paralyzed me. I wasn't found for 30-minutes; she found me.

Take care everyone.
Sorry to hear that. My prayers and thoughts for a fast and full recovery.
Stop in when you can.
God Bless.
nitesite, best wishes for a speedy recovery and saying a prayer for you, my friend.

God Bless!
Hoping and praying you get better, brother. :(

Speaking of chainsaws, did this have anything to do with them?
Oh Dear Lord!!! This is not the retirement you need, buddy!

Thank God for that thick skull, and bless your wife that she found you in time.

I pray the surgeries went 100% and hope someone can read this all to you during recovery. I know you are tough enough to recover.
It’s funny. The day I broke my neck I sent my family this music video and smiled about how I really need one of these. And just a few hours later I was almost dead and in the ER. Ironic, huh ?

We go through our whole lives not knowing what life is really about, until something serious happens.

Do you know what actually happened?

We’re all picturing you getting knocked off a ladder by a running chainsaw.
Wow, given the curve looks like some heavy bucket or can fell directly on your head?

I can see how your wife said your head looked like it was growing chainsaw chain with all those staples!

But glad to see you back on the the forum and hopefully a speedy and full recovery!

Hope you can share the "rest of the story"!

Then I broke my neck after first trying to flatten a heavy steel can. Sheesh.
I KNEW it had something to do with a chainsaw! Those things will kill you! :eek: ;) But I'm kidding around--hope you make a full recovery and take it easy until you do. I was thinking a branch fell on your head or something...
I have had a few gas chainsaws, but I’m not taking any chances now that the fuel alone can kill ya.

I’m sticking with my ElectroMac!

@nitesite Now I gotta ask, are you able to do the typing, or is your wife still doing it?
I’m typing now. It’s been 12 days.

I had to return to the hospital again today (Wed) Wife was worried about some cognition issues. Head CT today. Six hour hospital visit.

And I found out today that I also have a fractured skull which I didn’t know about before. Kathy said they told me at my initial discharge from broken neck surgery. That was just six hours after they did my neck surgery, so with my concussion and broken neck I don’t recall being told that.
Well it’s good to know you are not tied down to some chrome plated torture rack.

Drain bammage is cumulative. Ask me how I know….

Take care.