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Need help with using my new Vicker's 2-Point sling

Hey guys,

I recently installed my new Vicker's 2-point padded sling on my 590A1. I really like the quality of the sling and the ease of adjustment. However I can't transition with it to my non-dominant side, too tight on my neck. When I am shooting from my dominant side the strap is over my right shoulder and under my left armpit. I have taken all the slack out to aid with a firm platform. Then when I transition to my other shoulder I am dropping my left arm out and giving it all the slack I can, but it is too tight and I really fumble it. What am I missing here? Thanks for your help guys, I really want to like using this sling.

I have a Vickers 2 point sling as well and while it found it to be a great sling, it did seem a little short for me in some circumstances. But I am kind of a big guy.

After seeing it posted in another thread I changed out for this one: https://www.blueforcegear.com/vickers-combat-applications-sling-2-to-1.html

It has more adjustment and is easily switched from 2 point to single point applications.
I am about 6' and 210. I like the sling except when I have to transition to the other shoulder. Thanks for the link to their other sling, I will check it out.