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Nevada Residents Unite

I spend enough time in Las Vegas to feel like I should have a Nevada drivers license if that counts lol.
New to forum, new to shotguns in that I have not shot one in 23 years, and newer owned a Mossberg before ( still don't , the one I ordered wont arrive till the 15th of Feb).
Not new to guns
X military, X law enforcement, lifetime member to Frontsight Firearms Institute, been EDC since 1980.

Want to try skeet and trap.
Wanna show a 50 yr old retired guy the ropes of clay busting?
yeah, bummer. he hasn't been around here in some time.....
I'll come out and shoot if someone wants to pick me up. LOL
Nevada...lived there once... I like the ION, because there is nothing there but sagebrush and jack rabbits...
I live in Las Vegas out in the North West part of town.

In this video I'm at the Clark County Shooting Complex shooting my 590 Special Purpose for the first time.



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