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New 3D Range!


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So I headed out to the new gun range for a match this morning and when I walked into the office there sat about a half dozen full sized 3D critters and a couple target bails. The next expansion is an archery range!!! Looks like it should be up and running in a week or two. I can't wait... :D
Any houses for sale near you? I may need to move closer to this place.

Next to hunting 3D is about the most fun you can have with a bow.

When I started the targets had opening cut into them from the top and the targets were inside the animals. You had to look down from the top to see if you hit the vitals. In some ways it was much more realistic but often the inner targets were not aligned properly.

I still like to shoot where I would shoot if I was really shooting at the animal, which does not always correspond with the scoring rings on the outside of the target.
Yup, there's plenty of open real estate around here. Two houses on my street and a couple more in the neighborhood that I know of. As I understand it, the 3D range will be set into the trees and may even be a walking course. It's gonna be awesome! Much more fun than shoot'n little circles on a square bail...
There was a period of time where I would shoot these every weekend during the spring and summer. I would find a shoot within driving distance and go. I need to get back to that.
3D can be a blast if you're not waiting 30 minutes to shoot each target. Got bad around here after a while so I stopped and took up target shooting. Better to shoot 70-120 arrows in 5 hours than 30...
Yeah, waiting sucks.

Being this will be part of a gun range with only 500 total members I'm hoping the archery course won't get crowded too often...