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New 535


Copper BB
Just purchased a mossburg 535. Have a couple of questions.

1. for waterfowl/turkey dose it use the same barrel and choke?

2. Should I clean the gun before it's first use. And what products are recommended?

Thanks in advance
1. Yes, you can use the same barrel for both. Short barrels are often used for turkey because they are easier to move around in heavier cover. I've shot a few turkeys with a 28" barrel and I've taken one with a 24" barrel, both were equally effective. Longer barrels are usually better for waterfowl because they swing a little smother for wing shooting. The biggest thing for turkeys, or for anything really, is to know your pattern density at given distances.

2. Defintely Yes!!! OFM tends to use a lot of grease in their guns and you will eliminate a lot of common issues if you clean it out and and use a thinner lubricant.

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Welcome to the forum from NY and congrats on your new Mossy.:)
I still use good ole Hoppes No. 9 solvent and I use Slip2000 for a lubricant.
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Breakfree CLP is a good choice....C= Clean / L= Lubricate / P= Protect