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New guy with question


Copper BB
Just picked up an old 835 to use for turkey hunting. The length of pull is okay on it, but the reach with my left arm on the forearm is a longer reach than is comfortable. Are there any forearm options to shorten that? I've had shoulder surgery on my left and it's a bit weak, so the reach isn't great.

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I'm not aware of to many ways to shorten that any significant amount.
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It sounds like you need to whittle out a custom forearm that works with however you have to position your bad arm.

I have kind of a similar problem. I suffered some damage to my left shoulder few years back.

I have a Mossberg 500, with big plastic forestock having a built-in flashlight. My left hand is not big and strong enough to hold on to the thing.

I've done lots of physical therapy on my arm but I've come to the conclusion that I need a custom foregrip on that shotgun.

When the mag tube is loaded and the gun is heavy I can hang on to it, but by that last shot it's so light it just bucks up out of my hand every time.

A strap would help, but I feel they're kind of awkward for home-defense situations. In a real emergency the strap gets in your way.

Anyhow I'm going to try and mock up something makes it easier for me to keep a grip on this machine. Either that or I'm going to ditch the flashlight forearm completely and put a regular forearm with an accessory flashlight.
It looks like the newer guns have a longer forearm that comes back over part of the receiver when the bolt is open. I wonder if that would help.
BTW, I think it's an 88 or 89 gun. It has a UM serial number. Picked it up for $200 out the door.

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