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New HighBall and SafetySight


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Howdy! We are excited to tell y'all about our newest kit release, SafetySight and Highball. Full demonstration video should be out by the end of the week, but I'll include some pictures and short videos at the bottom! We offer these as a kit or individually for those with a cross-bolt safety or adhered front sights. (Product links in bold)

Highball is a replacement front bead for Mossberg shotguns including 590, 500, Maverick 88, 835, 930, etc. It combats the issue seen by a lot of shooters, especially long-range slug, where the firearm shoots high. This is usually due to the fact that the factory bead sits below the receiver, and compensating for this raises the barrel. This issue is exacerbated on platforms like the Shockwave or a SBS due to short sight radius. HighBall provides a larger, easier to see bead that sits higher so you can acquire your bead and target while looking right down the receiver. It is machined from solid Marine-Brass and passivated for additional corrosion resistance.

SafetySight was created with two main goals in mind: Design a comfortable safety switch that was easy to operate, and do it in a way that has not been done before. Unlike other factory and replacement safety options, SafetySight doesn't have any rough or sharp edges. Instead, we included multiple ergonomic faces that allow you to comfortably operate the safety from multiple different positions. Finally, we have integrated a rear sight reference into the safety to aid with bead alignment. SafetySight is compatible with any Mossberg firearm that uses the slide (tang) safety system.

Looking forward to hearing feedback from yall, thanks for reading!


I just got my Shockwave 3 days ago, and I've already "pimped it out" with various items from Defender Tactical... including the HighBall and SafetySight.

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I also just wanted to give a "thumbs up" for Defender Tactical. Very fast shipping. And the quality of their products is quite evident in your hands.
This is what we like to see! Thanks for being a customer!