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New owner.. Silver Reserve

Just trying out a buddies 12g Silver Reserve to see if I like it. He's had it for some time, and says he never uses it... only put about 20 rnds thru it. I plan on using it for clays.. trap and skeet, mostly skeet.

Anything I should think about doing before I shoot it? I did take it to my local range today and put about 10-12 rnds thru it and it seems to be working fine. Cleaning the barrel is not an issue, but how does one get to the trigger mechanism to lube it? I'm guessing that there is a bolt of some kind thru the stock, accessible by removing the butt plate?

And, in reading the posts here, trulock chokes are the ones to use?
I don't lube up the fire control mechanism. And there's not much grit or grime that can make it's way in there. It's sealed up fairly well. If you do, use a thin coat of grease instead of oil.

Chokes are very personal decision. I've used a lot of different kinds. I usually try out a bunch of different ones and whatever works the best is what I stick with.

Just take it to the trap lane and shoot it.

Thanks. That WAS my plan.... :) Heading to the trap range tomorrow morning. Was wondering about the trigger mechanism for future reference, don't think there is any need to do anything with it just yet. Thanks for the video link.
You're very welcome. Have fun shooting.
You're very welcome. Have fun shooting.

Been out with it 3 times and, as expected, it performed very well. I've got a LONG way to go with my skeet skills, but I'll enjoy the journey. First time was, well, VERY humbling.. :) Hit 3 out of 25. 3rd day I was up to 11. Not a hiccup so far from the gun, so I think this ones a keeper.
I've never hit everything I've aimed at either. I freely admit that I miss sometimes. I always blame it on something else though. Gravitational pull. Stomach growling. Barking tree spiders. Anything but my own fault ;) LOL
Great day today at the local sporting clays course. It was 26 degrees F and bright and sunny. I was out with a friend that Santa had delivered a new Mossberg O/U silver reserve. I brought my 2006 Onyx Reserve. The clays where at a serious disadvantage.
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I have a turkish import from EAA that is pretty much dead on that new silver reserve 2 though more laser engraver and a little more decorative. I'm assuming mossberg are still imported them from Turkey.

Still good guns though.