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New Patriot


Recently I got a. 308 with synthetic stock. I mounted a Vortex 4x12x44 scope. Next I loaded 60 rounds full length sized loads. I used the same middle of the road loading that is very reliable in 3 other .308s that I load for. My first trip to the range with the new Patriot was very impressive and 100% enjoyable. I quickly boresighted and in just 3 rounds was very near zero. I quickly shifted to 200 yards. After final zero I settled in to shooting very nice groups. The function of gun, scope and ammo was absolutely rock solid. I look forward to more range time and time afield with my latest Patriot. I rotated it and another rifle to allow barrel cooling. After the 60 rounds were gone I wished I had brought along more. Very comfortable off the sandbags and very little muzzle jump. 100 percent happy with my Patriots.
I will add a bit of interesting info concerning loading for the Patriot .308. The bullet I used in my rifle was the Speer 150 gr. Hot-Cor. At 200 yards it was very accurate.It is an economical bullet that I had on hand. I usually use it in Milsurps. It performed so well that I will order more for future range time. I generally always load Sierra for serious stuff but would like to see or hear from others how the Hot-Cor performs in the field. I in no way assumed the Speer inferior. I merely have used them little. Maybe several hundred over the years and those on groundhogs only.