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New to Mossberg rifles but not new to firearms!


Long time shooter but I've never been deer hunting! I've shot precision rifles for quite some time as well as combat handguns. I teach/taught CQB with ar15s and build and customize them. Heck I've taken my son hunting, but I've never hunted a deer. At 56 it's time I guess.

I started looking at "budget" rifles and while I cut my teeth on remington 700 pss' with Leopold scopes, I just don't like the direction they've went. And I certainly don't want to hump my ar10a into the woods, it's too heavy. So I began looking at the top contenders and narrowed it down to Ruger American, Savage, Weatherby, and Mossberg.

I started comparing the different stock configurations and possible packages available. I REALLY REALLY like the look of the revere model but just can't justify the extra money for it. I really do like the look of the walnut! Shopping around I could see my budget was going to be in the area of $500 which is doable. Heck I'll sell my G43 package and cover that. The P365 is now my carry gun so no biggie.

Shop shop shop! I ended up buying a .270 locally from Academy and was allowed to take advantage of the veteran/law enforcement desl!

Out the door, taxes and insta check $488!

I'm going to break it down, true the rings, make sure that everything that needs thread locker gets it, and torque the screws correctly. I like the trigger, and will play with it once I get some groups on paper. In middle TN we generally don't get the longer ranges so I'm not sweating sub moa, but I am curious from what I've read.

I'm pretty stoked.

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I just saw your post.

Welcome, and congratulations. I hope you keep us posted at how it does.

All of the rifles you mentioned looking at make fine deer rifles. Nothing really wrong with any of them.

While we are a Mossberg fan site, we don't shun folks for having other guns like some forums do.
Thanks guys. I'm pretty stoked. Regardless of the gun I'm excited! And that doesn't happen much anymore.

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Yeah, I know what you're saying.

But, there's plenty of good folks here who have similar interests. From reading your intro, you'd fit in real good.