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Hello , live in Canada 65 years old , been shooting for 50 years , I was going to buy a new shotgun , then I remember I had a Lakefield mossberg 500A # J880#### in the safe , just inquiring if anyone can give me the history on “lakefield” I bought this back in the late 70s or 80s but can’t recall ,, I still have the old box’s of shells “ Imperial“ which was a brand in Canada . I don’t do much chatting on websites. Any info is good info . Thanks
If I remember right Lake Field Arms started in Ontario in the mid to late 60s. While their primary focus was on rimfire rifles they assembled shotguns for the Canadian market from Mossberg parts in the 70's and maybe into the early 80s. Not totally sure what their formal association with Mossberg was??

I think there was some business association or history with the old Cooey Arms Company??

They were bought by out around the mid 90s by Savage and to the best of my knowledge the plant still produces Savage rimfire rifles.

Sorry I can't add more. All based on my memory. Maybe some of our Canadian members can chime in with more info.

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Welcome to the forum from Florida.
Look's like your J880xxx is a 1987 model. Thank you for posting your numbers. I'll update our data base.
Welcome to MO from the Left Coast! Any self respecting canuck shooter buys guns and ammo from Canadian Tire! I still have some old boxes of Imperial kicking around too. LOL!


I think I have that same keyboard... ;) (G213) I don't game with it, I just like the backlighting...
Lol indeed it is. The backlighting is great for low light in the evening...it makes typing easier on my aging and already compromised eyes. I do play a couple different games with it, it's actually pretty good.