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New Zealand Bans “Military Style” Semi-Auto’s


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Well, saw this coming a mile away. According to this article and another I read earlier, doesn’t appear to be much opposition to this move. But, I’m not familiar with New Zealand news so I can’t be sure. I’m sure pro-gun views are largely not welcome right about now. Tragic to be sure (the shooting) and I mean no disrespect to the dead.

We (Canada) are also sitting on the precipice of similar legislation. The thing is with all these gun bans made by people who know nothing...they confuse the hell out of people who actually know what they’re talking about. Going by what the New Zealand PM said...I’m truly not sure how far their semi-auto ban is going. I doubt they do too.

They all use the “assault rifle or assault-style rifle” (like style has anything to do with function...but whatever, we all know that here) schtick to make it all sound so extra evil and official.

Sigh...another one bites the dust.
Maybe all rifle manufacturers should stop making them in black, and only produce blue or pink ones (although that would probably be considered sexist nowadays!).

At least they wouldn't appear so scary to the snowflakes...
I imagine the socialists running for president in our upcoming election will be harping on taking action like that here by the weekend. They don't believe in our 2nd amendment rights or our constitution for that matter, except when it suits their agenda.
Manifesto attached. I've only read about 20pgs and none of the poetry. :rolleyes: Scanned the other pages to get the "gist" of it. I won't comment here but he will either go down as as a madman or win the Nobel Peace prize in 27? years according to him. Somewhat articulate, poignant writing... You may or may not find yourself agreeing with some of his views. Grey Ops at its finest! :eek:


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See my sig line. America doesn't have the patent on stupid politicians.

This only weakens their country and their citizens even further.
See my sig line. America doesn't have the patent on stupid politicians.

This only weakens their country and their citizens even further.
Totally agree John. I wish you could make people see that by taking things away, passing laws against ownership of property and giving in to fear that you weaken the fabric of your society/nation.

You hear the politicians and the pronouncements from just about everyone, everywhere on social media after these incidents...”we won’t let them scare us” or “we won’t let them change us” or “not going to allow evil to prevail”....you know the trotted out tropes. But if that were true, why are our “leaders” constantly passing laws that only weaken our liberty and penalize people who already obey the law and are no threat?

The truth is multi-faceted I’d guess. But I think for some it’s an opportunity to grab power. For others, despite their claims to the contrary...it is fear. They are indeed scared and they don’t know what else to do. They grasp at straws hoping that it will make a difference...we all know too well it won’t make a damn bit of difference. Next time they’ll drive a fully loaded semi right through the mosque or town square or whatever...they’ll get just as dead that way.

Again, no offence or disrespect to the departed. But it is those left behind that have to figure it out. It’s too bad that we are letting them win. Society is giving them what they want...fear. The protestations to the contrary are pure bull.
The more frightening aspect of this is how many Americans, and I use the term 'American' loosly, are online posting that we need to follow suit with NZ.

Society has become so complacent and bored with things the way they are they have either forgotten or are ignorant of how we got here. History has shown over and over and over again that once you disarm a society, everything collapses. Apparently Schools do not teach that in history any more, if they did no one would voluntarily go there.

In 2016 Hillary said 'they' had no intention of disarming America. Now all the candidates are talking about disarming America. Their views havent changed they just feel more comfortable admitting it, which is scary itself.

All the Fudds need to come out of the closet and admit that they are part of this; remaining silent, or agreeing that no one needs an AR when you have a closet full of 30-06 semi's is only contributing to the problem. The mob will not be satisfied with AR's, it is just the high profile target of the moment.