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Next purchase?


.270 WIN
So what is your next gun purchase going to be...I've been looking at either a 590 or a 464. I've always been a 500 fan, so a 590 isn't that much of a change. Except I'll probably get one that is a bit more black gunish, than the 500's I have.

I've been holding off on the 464 hoping Mossberg will, or somebody will come out with one with the 16.25 barrel and a straight stock in marinecote...asking too much am I? What can I say after buying the marinecote JIC 500, I find I have a decided preference for the marinecote finish. It just looks sharp! and is a nice touch.

Whats your next gun purchase or are you done buying guns... :lol:
Big 5 had a sale on 500's for cheap in a two barrel combo, field and 18.5 cylinder bore.
I can't decide. It changes every week. I think I need to start working on my ammo first and foremost seeing as how I've shot up most of what little I had. That stuff goes by quick when you're having fun.
I put a used 935 in lay away this morning at my local gun shop. I've noticed it there a couple of times and today when I saw it still sitting there I had to offer it a good home. :D
I've got a 930 Tactical on the way. That is, if Bud's will ever get around to shipping it. After that, here's the top of the list...

1. Beretta M9a1
2. RIA 1911a1 FS .38 Super in hard chrome finish
3. CZ 97b
4. Glock 33 (.357 SIG sub-compact)
5. Remington 1911 R1 Stainless (when they start shipping)
I kind of have a loose list of the guns I'd like to buy, the easiest to accquire are usually near the top, those that are scarce and hard to find are lurking somewhere down near the bottom. I'm at that point where I really don't need another gun, but the right one comes along and I'm gonna buy it.

The 590 and 464 are pretty much at the top because I have a hunch they will be a whole lot easier to find than say a Marlin camp 9 in pristine condition. I know they are out there, just don't see them all that often.
Beretta 92FS (currently in lay-away)
Mossberg MVP .308
Mossberg 930 24" vent rib

Thats the practical list! :lol:
OK, here's the top of my "unpractical" list...

- CheyTac M200 "Intervention" .408 CheyTac
- Barrett M82a1 .50 BMG
- M14 EBR 7.62x51mm
- Knights Armament SR-25 MK11 Mod-0 7.62x51mm
- KRISS Vector "Super V" SBR .45acp
:mrgreen: Kriss Vector Super V. :mrgreen:

My unpractical list includes;
M16A4 w/ M203 and various submunitions for it, especially the Multishot round. :mrgreen:
M249 MK46 Mod 0 SAW
Beretta 93R
Glock 18
The above mentioned Kriss Vector Super V
Vang Comp Mossberg 590A1 w/14" barrel, Mesa Urbino stock and side saddle, LPA tritium GRS, and Surefire forend. Unpractical because SBS are illegal to possess in Indiana. No Way, No how! I can buy a SBR all day long, but no SBS! Go figure!
The impractical?

Springfield M1A1
M1A Garand or Carbine
Ruger full size Vaquero
Colt SAA
Colt "Property of US Government" 1911
Ed Brown Special Forces Carry
Winchester 1897 lever action
I almost bought a Springfield Armory M1A Scout Squad with Aimpoint last year. Didn't want to part with that much money. But mark my words... one day, and hopefully before too long, it will be mine.

If I'm going to face work without quick backup most of the time I want an M1A Scout Squad!!!!!!!!!!
More mags
More ammo
A small scope to swap out with the red dot on the AR
A pistol cartridge carbine in a caliber that I use (sub 2000 would even fit mags!)
True 9mm pocket pistol - don't have one
Glock 17 - always wanted one
A really bad ass AK
I'm on the waiting list for at the LGS for a Ruger Gunsite Scout...I'm like 3rd or 4th down from the top...Watch...I'll buy a Mossberg and the next day they'll call and tell me the Gunsite scout is in...
Oh the things I would buy if I had money...

28 inch field barrel for my 535
slug barrel for my 535
Mossberg 4x4 in 25-06
Mossberg MVP in 5.56
Mossberg tactical .22
Henry Lever 45-70
Smith and Wesson 1911

Right now I'm saving every penny for my elk hunting trip...
If I had the money I buy a gun shop and be done with it...well maybe...I'd be done with it...more than likely not...lol

Good stuff, I like some of, well actually a lot of, of the same guns and gear you guys posted. So many guns so little time...