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Night Sights

I've been looking at the Meprolight front blade for my GRS as well. Opticsplanet has it on sale for about $45 right now...
tcecil88 said:
I thought about seeing if it could be converted to .357. Probably not cost effective though.

Your revolver was made between 1977 and 1981. It was called the .38 Combat Masterpiece and that title is well earned. I could nail down a date of manufacture if you shoot me a partial serial number (not in this thread, though). PM or email me and I'll help.

Very nice revolver, man!

Back on topic.....

Are you sure you want to augment it with tritium? The rear sight blade is black and you want to just do the front sight? Is that what I'm hearing?????

I have several handguns with nitesites ;)

The next one I want to get trits for is a GLOCK29 10mm which would be pretty damn sweet! I'll probably go with Trijicons again since they are so rugged and have a 12-year warranty.
Thanks again. Night sights are just a thought. It might be more trouble than it's worth. I am not aware of full sets for my revolver. Age is the enemy I think on this one.
Dude, revolvers rock. Leave it as is and shoot the snot out of it and simply enjoy it.

Plenty of other handguns with which to toy with tritium.

Night Sights.......

Let's talk about Night Sights!
tcecil88 said:
I have an older (1960's?) S&W Model 67-1

I have beautiful old 1961 or 62 model 10 (.38sp) that i just cherish. I gave $100 for it about a year and half ago and I don't think it had had more than a few hundred rounds through it. Other than holster wear (it had belonged to a LEO) it is just like new. A good friend is a gunsmith and wants to help me blue it one Saturday.

Sorry, I couldn't resist drooling over that wicked bad revolver you have.

What were we talking about? Oh yeah. Night sights... I'm for 'em.
nitesite said:
The next one I want to get trits for is a GLOCK29 10mm which would be pretty damn sweet! I'll probably go with Trijicons again since they are so rugged and have a 12-year warranty.

+1 in the Trijicons. They make a very well built sight.
You might look into the Arotek sights.
Low profile, tough, and you can mix and match colors. And they are very easy to install yourself! That is a bonus for me, I love to tinker on my guns and bows.
I posted this a while back in a different thread. Figured it belonged in here as well...

One VERY important thing to remember...

If you order the Meprolight bead, or ANY night sights for that matter, be sure to call and find out on what date the item they'll be sending you was made. Depending on where you buy them, some aftermarket sights can sit in warehouse stock for several years before they're sold/shipped. This can mean that their expected life-span could be half over by the time they're in your hands. A lot of the problems people experience with night sights and short life-span can be attributed to this timing issue, not simply defective product.


As far as the 12 year life expectancy goes, I'm sure there's a bit of technicality there. I would imagine that the sights may have tested to be technically functional for "up to" 12 years, but their actual peak luminescence averages closer to 7 years. There can be a big disconnect between what the manufacturer deems functional and what we expect out of the product.
Re: tritium front sight worth it?

I don't have a pic of the shotgun sight, but here are the Meprolights on my Kimber.

In sunlight they just look like a white dot, but once I step into the shade they start to glow.

nice gun
Sorry to wax intellectual here for a minute but half life calculations are part of my daily job so I might be able to explain the dating better. The half life of Triitium is 12.3 years. So after 12.3 years it has lost 1/2 the activity of the original sample. It will always produce light just less and less all the time. If you were able to measure the activity / brightness the day the sight was produced and again in 12.3 years it would be half as active / bright. I think the tendency is to not notice the loss expecially if you view it regularly or semi regularly. You will not notice that the sight is slowly getting dimmer and dimmer until someone else shoots you gun and says something. I hope this helps and wasn't too boring.
Ya know LES.....The more pics I see of that CDP II of yours the more I think that it's the one I want, lol.

Definitely want the CT Lasergrips on it though :)
Yes she is! I've pretty much narrowed it down to the Ultra Crimson Carry or the CDP....I think it'll come down to availability and what I can get a better deal on. If I go with the CC I'll be buying night sights for it, so there won't be much of a price difference in the end. My LGS has one of the CDP's in stock, so I've been able to handle both guns....but I'll buy from my LGS that deals Kimbers right after I dig my eyeballs out with a spork. So it looks like either one will be an internet purchase.
Meprolight Mossberg 500/Vang Comp


Factory Glock (Meprolight Tru Dot) Really low profile, excellent CC sight



CZ Factory (Meprolight Tru Dot) The CZ sight can be used to one hand rack the slide off the wall, it gets traction on most surfaces and is brutally tough.


Tim4k5 said:
....but I'll buy from my LGS that deals Kimbers right after I dig my eyeballs out with a spork.

:shock: I take it they're a bit lacking in quality customer service... :lol: