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Night Vision Scopes.

I don't have a lot of experience with Night Vision Scopes but I would also look into some of the green laser/night vision scope combos that are available.
Just curious, this for coyote/varmint hunting? If so, check local hunting regs. In my area it is illegal to use a light (including lasers) to hunt any animal unless using dogs to tree them. Then you can only use the light to spot them in the tree.
aha..didn't think of that. yes it is for varmint control. my neighbor told me he wanted me to. there's something eating his chickens and pestering his cows. he goes to bed around 9 every night so he wants me too come over and help him out. i'm a night owl. even when i'm working. i'll get plenty of sleep when i'm dead. lol.

thanx for reminding me Sn3aKyGuY.

also thanx for the suggestion dan. will do.
The only thing I would worry about is recoil slamming that into my eye, but on a .22 I wouldn't think that would be an issue.

I have zero experience with night vision, so other than that, no insight here.
my 22 has a little recoil, only cuz it's using magnum 22s.... nothing to fear here though.
My wifes mom and dad had the same problems with varmints getting into the chickens. We set traps, and poison, put bells and aluminum cans on a line around the fences, set bait, even tied a chicken to a spike in the ground to bring the predator closer...

Their problems were raccoon and fox. A friend had wild dogs getting into his... This sounds off topic, but what I'm wondering is if on private property for the purpose of varmint/predator control, if you cant use a light, or NVG? This would be more like for the nuisance laws and permits, not sport hunting.
I won't be sport hunting. Its either feral cats,foxes, or raccoons. I haven't checked local regs. Yet. I was told by him it falls under the pest/nuisance laws. But either way, I'd still like to have one.
Make sure that you don't have to have a pest control license in that case. I'm not 100% sure, but some areas require it if you're not the land owner (ex. you're hired/asked to by landowner).