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no. 4 peep sight threads


I picked up a pair of No. 4 peepsights that I figured would go well with my 42M and my 51M. One is missing the windage adjustment rod and nut. I was able to make another one on the lathe, but for the life of me, I can't figure out the threads on the original.
Would anybody know what they are?
Thanks man!
Now I just have to find that tap and that die. And I have to make the nut. The nut is my biggest worry. Most of the work on it will be done by hand with files.
Not sure if I leave the bases "as is" with the Japanning loss or do I strip it all off and re-japan them. The youtube channel "Hand tool rescue" has a couple videos on making your own japanning and how to use it. I've done it a couple times on old hand planes, and I've had pretty good results.
I keep an assortment of "special" firearm-ish taps and matching screws in my gunsmith tool box. If I'm not sure of the thread pitch, I will thread the screw into the hole to check. And don't forget that many newer guns, particularly "imports" sold under a US company banner may have metric...
Funny thing is after posting here about the #4 peep I was at the range yesterday and was given a #4 parts sight. It was also missing the windage nut etc. I thought I may have the parts needed to make it useful but turns out it is now my 3rd #4 missing the windage nut. It was also missing other parts I didn't have.
Stuff like that never happens to me. I'm the guy that might accidently leave a complete #4 at the range.