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Have any questions about Nocks? Is there a particular model you like to use? Let's see some pics and discussion...
I don't feel a big need to replace my factory nocks on any of mine, but I did buy a 3 pack of Nockturnal Preadator illuminated nocks for the bolts that I plan to use for hunting. My main logic behind that was for helping find the arrow after a pass through, or even as a possible locator if following a long blood trail.

I couldn't find these in red that I wanted, but the green is still pretty bright.

Otherwise, I just use the factory nock.


Very nice. Look forward to hearing how you like those.
If that bear doesn't move on pretty soon, there isn't going to be much of a season. There's a young bear (probably about a year old) that has taken up residence and I have very few pics of anything but it the last week and a half.