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I have been a perfectionist about many things all my life and it suited me well in the jobs I had and the life I lived. My OCD has guided me for many years and I followed its marching orders religiously.

But I noticed after the many years of trying to please everyone and do everything exactly right (I have been in Public Service in one type of another all my life) and failing miserably and taking the point of the sword for it, I seem to be feeling a change in me. Others have mentioned it. Seems like I am feeling lazy all the time now and I believe I figured that out also.

Since I retired from Public Service, I developed a DGAS attitude. (Don't Give A Shit) Now I have nothing to do because OCD and DGAS are battling it out and I have nothing to do. Idleness has made me lazy.

What should I do...What SHOULD I do?


You can't save the world...

And DGAS is more commonly known in these parts as DGAF which is derived from "DILLIGAF"... :D

It ain't the world I need to save...it will hang itself. I put the DGAS and OCD together to let them fight it out and now I have been idle so long without those two bothering me I have gone into a slump. Now I know I have something to try to correct but I don't care enough to try. I shot myself in the foot...so to speak.


The trials and tribulations of retirement. I have plenty of time, but sometimes lack motivation, other times desire. Or maybe, it's a little of both.