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Scott M

.270 WIN
Oregon Coast member here. I have been shooting since age 10, was on the rifle team in high school (try that now), love to fish and have been home brewing my own beer for the past 6 years. Retired and moved from Commiefornia to Oregon 8 years ago and, other than the 8 hour one way drive to see the grand kids, it has been great. I was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest (all up and down the west coast) and some of my best childhood memories are of fishing and hunting in Oregon. I have a 1959 Land Rover 109 Regular pickup that could use some wrench time and some money thrown at it. Just too many hobbies and too small a wallet!! :D
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Gresham Oregon member here, actually Fairview but many have no idea where that is. I graduated in 74 and we didn't have a shooting team at the high school. I'm a brand new mossberg owner and am looking forward to going out on Sunday (tomorrow) to shoot with my son. I took a hunters safety course many years ago and went shooting with my older brother and his buddy. I haven't shot since those days so I'm really looking forward to getting out an shooting for fun and familiarizing myself with the gun!
I too am recently retired and enjoying life. Many things I'd like to do also, but like you the wallet is just not big enough.
I ride a Goldwing 1800A and now have the mossy to enjoy...life is good!!