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Patriot .243 FREEBY !!!!!!


Ok folks I reviewed my .243 Patriot on here last year it was a good lil bolt gun, however, it was used in a trade and found itself in a new home. While moving I found a spare magazine for it. So id like to give it to a member of the Mossy Forum on one condition Be a forum supporter or gifter . If you are such and have a patriot .243 alls i need is a pm with your address and I will gladly send it your way.
It was a multi-gun boondoggle.
Acquaintance at shooting club had an older 336 Marlin in 35 Remington and he was after something with a more modern bolt gun. i had to oblige. There were two pistols also involved his Glock 27 and my wifes old ladysmith 38 it were a "good trade" day.