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Patriot Predator


I just purchased my second Patriot. It is a Predator in 6.5 Creedmoor. I added a Nikon Buckmaster 3x9x40 scope. I have the scope on but not tightened down or bore sighted yet. I honestly just stumbled across it in a local gun shop and it ended up in my car for the trip home!! When the Patriot first came out there were a bunch on shelves in my area. Then they seemed to dry up. I really like the quality and solid feel of the Patriot line. My other Patriot is a synthetic .243 and it is very consistent and I have total confidence with it. Other than my Marlin 336 my Patriots would be very hard to part with. I am looking forward to working with my new Predator. This time of year is so very busy at this point I will just shoot some factory ammo for brass and to play a bit as time permits. This was the first factory center fire ammo purchase for me since around 2001. My home range is only 100 yds. and my club range only 200 yds. I would like to hear any discussion on these rifles and also any hand loading tips for the 6.5. I have experience with other6.5's but all are older battle rifles. I didn't really buy it to shoot a half mile but simply because of relatively light recoil, efficiency and this caliber's adaptability to hunting and target situations. I look forward to taking it on walks in the W.V. fields and woodlands.
Thanks for the nice comments guys. I actually had gone in the store to buy my first compound bow and the bow counter was busy. I saw the Predator 6.5 and made the jump immediately. I still haven't shot it...I later bought the crossbow and been dialing it in. Incredible accuracy in the Excalibur. I will let you know eventually this fall. I will be shooting Winchester Deer Season 125 grains initially. Then hand loading in the future. I am thinking of IMR 4064 to start with in the 6.5. I use it in my Carcanos and Swedes. Such a wonderful but very busy season we are in. My other Patriot is a synthetic .243. I would really hate to part with it. Very accurate and very well built.
Well it's been a while since I last posted on the 6.5 Predator. It shoots great. I have put less than 200 rounds through it so far. I reload with Reloader17 and Hornady 129 gr. Bullets. The loading is both economical and accurite. I am not pushing maximum at all. Been there done that as an early handloader back in the day. I choose function and case life. The Predator is very solid and as my other Patriots an excellent and efficient rifle. My range is just 200 yards and the Mossberg and Nikon 3x9 can group very nice groups even with a fairly warm barrel. I often shoot a box of ammo in one target allowing a bit of cooling. I find confidence in seeing the consistancy of my gun and ammo as well as my abilities. Would I buy the 6.5 Predator again? Oh heck yes and recommend it highly.
Congrats! That sounds like a great idea. I really like my 30-06, but maybe a 270????
I noticed you quoted my second Patriot purchase. Update time. It seems a .308 recently followed me home and brought a Vortex 4x12x44 with it. I mentioned it in a newer Thread I began. The new .308 is one of those that already I have total confidence in its being reliably accurate. Thanks for the nice reply!! Yes go for one of those two great American calibers you mentioned.
I really enjoy the 6.5 Creed. I push no limits with it. I think of it as a modern day 6.5 x 55 concerning my loading. I am a fan of many years of my Swedes. Excellent for me always and the Creedmoor was my choice for a sporter.
You would get no argument there from me.

A buddy I used to work with had a 6.5 Jap that I liked shooting.