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Permanent Side Saddle or Velcro Holders?


.270 WIN
I keep going back and forth on the pros/cons of velcro side saddle systems vs. more permanent fixed side saddles. Help me think through this and evaluate my thought process:

1. Permanent side saddles are fixed, solid, permanent. And they look good.
2. They require you to remove pins and so forth to use use them, thus they must be removed each time you strip the shotgun for cleaning (detailed).
3. They do only offer you an extra 6 -8 or so rounds, then they too must be reloaded.

They seem therefore to limit your options.

1. Velcro systems permit you to affix the adhesive velcro in such a way that you can have full access to the take down pins, so that is not an issue.
2. They allow you to have as many rounds at the ready as you have holders for the shells, slap on a new one and go.
3. It would appear to be a more convenient way to have shells at the ready in any situation: from range use to real-world applications.

If I go velcro, I'm going Esstac. In fact I have it all here, I finally got my shotgun in and am now just verifying my thinking before I install and apply. I'm going to do it very methodically, very careful degrease with a solution, followed by alcohol, before I put the velcro strip on.

IMO, Esstac is the best option. Have two Mossbergs so outfitted for several years without issues.

The thing I like best is load flexibility. Just load up differrnt cards with combinations you might be using for clays, for home defense, for duck hunting, etc. Plus it's easy to carry an extra card in your jacket pocket.

Lots of flexibility. Velcro stays put. Just a quick wipe down with alcohol before applying.

Velcro it is....I installed it all today and it is fantastic.

Velcro all the way if they hold well.
I imagine it’d weigh less than the permanent. If you wind up not liking the side saddle rig the Velcro would be easier to get back to standard trim.
I just use the butt sleeve that holds 5. It doesn’t exactly make for a fast reload but I’m not in any shooting competitions.
Five 12 ga shells in “real life” is quite a bit of firepower, and it’s quite a bit of shots fired.
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It looks great man. Does it hold on pretty tight?
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