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pictures that make you lol

I passed!!! Can I vote now???? LOL!
Personally, I'd LOVE and would be honored for you to vote in our elections! :) Maybe you could make it down here and pick up a ballot and fill it out "correctly". ;) You would have to make your way to a "free" state such as Idaho and/or Montana where your vote would count. Idk about WA or OR but I DO know CA is a "winner take all" (>50%) state which means the electoral votes for POTUS are not proportional. As in, if 51% go for the dead candidate, ALL of the electoral votes go to that candidate. Certainly unfair to the patriots that still live there. :( They already hand out ballots to illegals supposedly for "local" elections but I'm sure they get mixed in to state and fed totals...

I saw a "man on the street" interview of some Illegal Invaders and when asked IF they could vote would they vote for Bidet or Trumpy. 100% said Bidet! :mad:

Which Qs did you get wrong, BTW? I'm usually good for 95%-100% noting the Qs change with each attempt. The ACTUAL citizenship test is given orally, with only like 10 Qs given with 6 correct needed to "pass". :rolleyes: