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Pleasant surprises

John A.

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As I get older, I have realized that I'm the best hider in the world. I mean, not on purpose, but I sometimes put something back for a rainy day and eventually, come across it again and it's like finding treasure. I did that today actually and have been smiling all evening.

Anyone else win the old man lottery when you find a box of shells you forgot you had? Or your car keys are exactly where you remember leaving them? Or you walk into the bathroom and remember why you're in there?

All I can say is it's a good thing that I have a wife, because if I didn't, I'd have to start blaming my dog for moving everything.
Lol. My senior moments aren’t memory related, but more along the lines of getting a wild hair, knowing that I’ll just change it or un do it the next time an inkling strikes. Like say,waking up at 4AM this morning and tearing my kitchen a new one just because I haven’t changed it in a few weeks…lol721ED644-AF56-49A7-BC26-7BE70E6951DF.jpeg
John, my "young" friend it only gets better (or worse as you might look at it) as you get older.

However, it's a blessing that we have all these things (and spares) stored and can just remember that we have them but the ongoing challenge is "where are they."

My wife sometimes complains about all my "junk" until something important breaks and I already have a spare on hand to fix it! She says I have a blue collar PhD and an ability to fix anything!

But, like yours, my wife keeps moving things on me. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!!!!

I’m golden, Bob. My wife has her own place 100 miles south of mine. I probably see her in person maybe 5 days a month. It actually works out great because every time I see her, it’s like a first date. We never get on each other’s nerves since we’re both retired. I have her blessing,100%, to do anything I want to my house. ( mighty big of her since I’ve lived here 45 years and only known her for 35,lol)As far as the clock, my grandfather used to build them in his basement when he retired decades ago. My dad has been thinning down his possessions and I picked this school clock from among the dozen or so grandfather, grandmother, etc ones he had. It winds with a key, no batteries, so it’s just a hanger now.
Some time ago I was cleaning drawer in a storage cabinet and found a complete upper I forgot I bought.

I often buy things for a project..project gets delayed... I buy parts again forgetting I already bought them.

I often buy things, set them aside then cant find them...but I remember buying them. ( I think LOL)

Somewhere in my house are at least 100 tape measures. I don't know where they go but I can never find one when I need it.

I think he's referring to the clocks not being the same time.

I thought it was just the fact that there was a second clock without roman numerals.
I have a couple of tape measures. I have one though that was my Dads that I always make a special point to hang up on my peg board in its' place. I would probably grieve if I lost that one. FWIW, I have another exactly like it. But, it wasn't the one he always used. So, his is better. :)