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Pocket traditon

That article sounds about right.

I started carrying a pocket knife when I was in the fourth grade.

To many these days, they would be calling the law for child abuse, neglect public endangerment and any other host of adjectives, nouns or pronouns that they could think of.

But to us, was just ordinary.

When I was in the cub scouts, all my other cub scout buddies had their little 1 to 3 bladed pocket knives. Usually dull enough that you couldn't cut paper with, but to us, it was a sign we were growing up.

If you weren't mature enough to carry one, you were looked down upon. That meant you were not trust worthy or just plain bad.

And I knew that if I used the knife wrong (in a threatening way) not only would my Dad beat my back end with his belt, even worse, I would lose the trust that I had achieved to carry my knife.

I can remember in the 4th grade, we didn't have a pencil sharpener in the classroom. But Mr. Smith would allow us boys to come up beside his desk over top of the little garbage can and sharpen our knives beside of him. I can remember, he'd often pull out his knife to sharpen the girls' pencils for them. Oh how thankful I was that I didn't have to walk up to the front of the class and ask him to sharpen my pencil too. I would've just as soon have died rather than to do that.

My sophomore year in high school, Isaac asked to borrow my knife in our english class to sharpen his pencil. The teacher stepped out of the room and I handed it to him.

A few minutes later, I asked for my knife back, but he said he didn't have it. I did the unheard of, I asked a second time. Again, got the same answer.

So, I stand up, walk in front of his desk and flip it over on top of him and tell him to give me knife back. Mr. Metcalfe walked back in the class as Isaac was upside down and me holding his desk on top of him. He must've heard the last part of the conversation as he was coming back in the door because he asked Isaac if he had my knife, and Isaac answered yes.

Mr. Metcalfe said in a kind of surprised voice: "well don't you think you should give it back to him?".

He reached into his pocket and handed it up to me and I roll the desk off of him and I was expecting mr. Metcalfe to tell me to go to the office, but he just went straight to his lesson and I sat down and that was the end of that.

Things sure are different these days.
Like the way ya wrote that @John A. .
Basically same way we came up. A couple years ago I took family to the old hometown New Market in N. Alabama to see were the old man came from we visited the old farm and then the old school. Well to my suprise while they had a new fancy plastic rubber playground the old original playground was still there fenced behind the school and overgrown. The giant metal death slide ya know tall bright shiny all metal no safety arm breaker, lol. And to get back to pocket knife the original merry go round with wooden benches were we as kids as early as maybe 4th grade sat and carved our names or girls names with hearts etc.. Yep still there i spend some time searching but never found any i did. I can say i dont ever recall a single bad knife incident as a kid. I have to say yup i still every moment everyday have my little case for apples and meat eating duty, its been sharpened and repointed a whole bunch. 20181112_091145.jpg But i also carry and use other more modern too. Not that it takes away that grankids know which is papas knife.
Can you imagine the horror and uproar these days, school would be on lockdown and the swat team would roll up in their APC.
Sooo ponder folks what happened ?? What changed ?? Did we change kids change teachers parents what exactly has sent us down the current path ???? Love to derail and hear your thoughts what went wrong ? Or if ya think different what was wrong with us ??
I believe the #1 reason for the decline is the removal of corporal punishment in school. The kids soon lost all respect for authority.

Yes, a few teachers abused it. The correct response would have been to deal with those teachers. Getting my butt busted in school didn't harm me in the least.
Sooo ponder folks what happened ?? What changed ?? Did we change kids change teachers parents what exactly has sent us down the current path ???? Love to derail and hear your thoughts what went wrong ? Or if ya think different what was wrong with us ??

Laws changed.

Stupid people have always been, well, stupid. That never is going to change.
Yeah, that one was always worse.

"You just wait until your Dad gets home from work young man". :punish:
All of the above, but, the liberal creep into our schools IMHO has had huge impact. Just like Chairman Mao and Hitler before. Indoctrinate the children.
American Federation of Teachers and National Education Association. Taking dues supporting political agendas. Destroying public education creating servants to the ivory towers.
Since 1980, AFT and the NEA have contributed nearly $57.4 million to federal campaigns, an amount that is about 30 percent higher than any single corporation or other union. About 95 percent of political donations from teachers unions have gone to Democrats.[19]
Remember wed never be takin by a foreign entity, our demise would have to come from within ? Whats happening now ......