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Post your archery kills here!


.270 WIN
I'll start:



Bowfishing this morning


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Nice pics. You are making me so jealous LOL
Hunting seasons are upon us or coming soom dependingon where you are. Lets see them trophy pics!!! And my trophy I mean pretty much anything you take with a bow. :lol:
Hmmm - time to check MO fishing regulations!

Couple of shots of true gore there M8 and some great kills! Not that it's the big kill (probably a tough shot an a smaller target) but that is one f-Ing dead possum!! Forehead - ouch!!
Here is a little video that I recorded in 1998 in Zimbabwe.I hunted impala from a tree stand made by myself.The arrow went trough the heart of the impala.We found the impala 150 yards away before following a good blood trail.

Here you can se two wild boars bowhunted by my hunting buddy with only 5 minutes of difference.This is the advantage of using a silent weapon.
Both were found at a distance around 30 yards.

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Darn pics arent loading on my phone. Congrats!!!

Edit: loading now on a different wifi. SWEET!!!

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Here's a few of my bow kill's from over the years.
I killed 5 this year, 3 with the bow and 2 with the 20ga. slug gun.


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I shot two this year and no hogs. Been busy with school. Shot a doe and a spike. Seen plenty of young nice bucks. I let them walk. I try to shoot only mature bucks (except spikes for game management). Most counties in Texas have the 13 inch rule meaning you can't shoot a buck unless the inside spread is 13" or greater. Had a few up under my stand that was well over 13" but where still young. On thing I say about hunters in Texas, most of them are herd management minded. We let a lot of bucks walk to grow bigger.
Here in Indiana we like to hit them with cars and we also enjoy eating them too. I've shot small buck and I've killed giants too. I just love to fill the freezer!!