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PSM Bill Bliar announces 'New' firearm regulations


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Now he's patronizing the FA Community.


On Monday May 28, 2019, the Canadian Senate passed Bill C-71 in third reading. All amendments recommended by the Senate Committee in 2nd reading were defeated. Therefore, the Bill does not need to be sent back to the House of Commons for reconsideration. Bill C-71 received royal assent on June 21, 2019, which was the last step required to turn it into law. However, only a very limited number of its provisions are currently in effect.

Bill C-71 amends multiple sections of the Firearms Act, Criminal Code as well as other acts and regulations dealing with firearms. Its provisions will be implemented in multiple installments. A first group of provisions has come into effect immediately upon royal assent, while others will come into effect as set forth in one or multiple Orders in Council (“OIC”). In the latter case, it is likely because the implementation of certain provisions depends upon either the prior enactment of Regulations, or the availability of administrative resources.

Each Group of provisions will be dealt with separately.


Group 1 provisions are those that have come into effect immediately upon royal assent of Bill C-71 on June 21, 2019.


Long Gun Registry Data

Many of those provisions purport to preserve the remaining data of the defunct long gun registry, a back-up copy of which had been preserved pursuant to an order from the Federal Court. Ancillary provisions enable the Canadian Government to settle the underlying litigation, and to provide the Quebec portion of said data to the Government of Quebec. In order to accomplish the latter, Bill C-71 takes away the privacy rights of the individual owners over their personal data.

Grandfathering of Prohibited Firearms

An aspect of particular interest is the addition of Subsection 12(9) to the Firearms Act. This particular provision purports to grandfather rights of owners of prohibited “firearms of a prescribed class”. In the Bill C-71 Legislative Summary, the purpose of that provision is described as follows:

“Clause 3(1) of Bill C‑71 creates a general authority for the grandfathering of individuals by way of regulation (new section 12(9) of the Firearms Act).”

The power to deem certain firearms to be prohibited by way of regulations already existed pursuant to the Criminal Code since 1998, and it has been used extensively. The enactment of Sub-section 12(9) may be a prelude to an extensive use of that regulatory power, which would allow the Government to soothe the pain of existing owners by “grandfathering their existing rights”. There are rumors that such prohibitions are imminent. Other provisions of Bill C-71 allow owners of such firearm owners to obtain authorizations to transport (“ATT”) to take such firearms to gun clubs and ranges. `

Prohibition orders

Forfeiture of seized and surrendered firearms becomes the rule, whenever a prohibition order is pronounced. A court may make an exception in appropriate circumstances. This rule applies irrespective of whether the prohibition order is mandatory, discretionary, or merely preventive.

The following table summarizes those provisions of Bill C-71




Summary of Key Group 3 Provisions
Eligibility to Hold a Firearms Licence
As part of the licence issuance/renewal/revocation process, chief firearms
officers (CFO) will be required to consider the entire life history of the
applicant/licence holder, as opposed the only the previous five (5) years. This
may very well be conducive to abuse, since individuals who are currently
licensed may very well be denied a renewal or see their licence revoked,
because of events that occurred in the distant past. It is also almost a certainty
that the form of licence application/renewal will be modified accordingly.

Group 4
Notice to reader: These provisions will come into effect (likely simultaneously)
on a day to be fixed by OIC.

Summary of Key Group 4 Provisions
Authorizations to Transport (ATT)

Existing ATTs issued as a condition attached to a licence will be revoked as set
forth in the OIC, except for the authorizations issued to restricted firearms owners
and 12(6.1) handgun owners, for the purpose of going to and from an approved
range within the licensee’s province of residence. Authorizations to transport
issued for the purpose of taking possession of a newly acquired restricted firearm
or 12(6.1) handgun are also preserved. Other ATTs, such as those enabling a
licensee to transport restricted firearms and 12(6) hand guns, to and from a gun
show or port of exit/entry, will be revoked. Individuals will be required to re-apply
for such ATTs in the traditional prescribed manner.

Group 5
Notice to reader: These provisions will come into effect (likely simultaneously)
on a day to be fixed by OIC.

Summary of Key Group 5 Provisions
Transfers of Non-restricted Firearms

There are two novelties here. First, showing one’s firearms licence upon
acquisition of a non-restricted firearm is no longer sufficient. It will now be
mandatory to verify with the Registrar (i.e. RCMP) whether the transferee’s
licence is valid and whether the transferee remains eligible to hold such licence.
If the transferee is deemed to still be eligible to hold a licence, the Registrar will
issue a “reference number”.
The latter may result in delays in getting transfers approved, since a significant
number of license holders have had their license either “suspended” or put
“under review”, albeit not officially revoked.

Obtaining a reference number is a mandatory requisite to transfer a non-
restricted firearm. Failure to observe these provisions may result in criminal
prosecution and/or revocation of a licence.
Further to the transfer, the Registrar must be notified that the transfer has been
completed. The Registrar is directed to keep records of all transfers of non-
restricted firearms. But, officially, this is not a long gun registry!

Group 6
Summary of Key Group 6 Provisions

Notice to reader: These provisions will come into effect (likely simultaneously)
on a day to be fixed by OIC, which cannot be before the provisions of
Group 5 are implemented
Records to be kept by Firearms Businesses
These provisions require firearms businesses to keep records of all non-
restricted firearms transactions.

See link that shows table summarizing all provisions of Bill C-71
Some of that confuses me.

So, are they grandfathering existing weapons or seizing them?

The above is Bill C-71 which was introduced before the May 1 2020 Order in Council which bans AR 15, AR10, and "variants" (like a AR shotgun). Lol. And is a completely separate bill.

The government is now back tracking allowing grandfather of banned firearms, more than likely because of backlash from FA owners, no funding, and how does one confiscate a "non registered" FA unless its voluntary. The "Antis" are loosing their minds! over the decision to allow grandfathering.

Anyone wishing to keep there "Restricted Category" firearms will have to " decommission " them, with the banned "Non Restricted" firearms you will have to "Register" it like a "Restricted" it will have to be decommissioned as well. There is talk they want to put a alarm on your firearm in case it moves. Lol.

And if the owner of said firearms does not have a "Prohibited FA License" they will have to apply for one if they plan to grandfather.

The buy back program is still in play but no details besides offering $1500 per Firearm, no buy back of any accessories, etc.

Here is the list of banned firearms and variants as per OIC and the only Firearms that are "protected" under the "2yr Amnesty", all the other Firearms that were "shadow banned" by the RCMP for weeks after the OIC was first introduced are not covered under the amnesty.


(Public Firearms Reference Table link) because the RCMP won't allow access to their FRT. All banned Firearms, including the shadow banned ones you won’t see on the RCMP list can be found here.

Banned Firearms Link


Hope this Clarifies this Dog and Pony show.
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Looks like biden is also scheduled to have a press conference about violent crime, I mean gun bans at 3PM today. He's only 1-1/2 hours late so far.

I can save you guys the trouble of watching it. He's going to say that he got the first gun control bill passed back in 1994 and he wants congress to do it again. And he'll read whatever they have on the teleprompter in front of him. I'm hoping someone messes up and adds their shopping list to it as well. But, this has been a well prepared speech for a while now.

Make no mistake, America by and large will not have any of it.