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Pump action rifle..


Copper BB
Hope this is the right area for this suggestion. I would really like to see a Mossberg pump rifle based on their 590A1. Rugged, reliable, short, quick handling..

18" barrel, removable magazine fed, picatinnay rail sights and scope mount, in calibers 338 fed and/or 358 win..and affordable. Got the umph for short range, but could still be a 300 yd gun if needed.

I have an ar and a marlin lever 30/30, but my 590a1 is by far my favorite. Fast, reliable and able to follow up with a thump very quickly..

Reminton used to make one and I thought it was pretty popular, at least here in MI.

I wouldn't mind seeing something like this, there has to be a bigger market for it than for a tactical lever gun abomination.

Yes, I know some here like it, Im just not a fan.
My personal opinion is it has to be affordable..Nearly all of the gun manufactures have in the last few years brought out "affordable" bolt action rifles that have done very well. Even in the AR world, you are seeing sub $600 rifles. New remington 7600's are in the 600-$800 dollar range, great gun but not really affordable. Troy Industries has their pump AR style, but it is $750-$1100, not affordable for the average joe....
Im not sure those calibers would really take off all that well. 35 Wheelen may be more popular in that "short and fat" category. With a majority of states coming around, or already having, legalized semi autos for hunting most/all game; there is near no need/want for manual action firearms. We'll be really hard pressed to get the industry to come around and "see the light" persey.

Browning has their BLR in a few different calibers. Maybe that will behold something for you? lol
Many states ae adopting certain loadings for use in "Shotgun Only" areas. In MI that includes 44Mag, 450Bushmaster, etc. Not your traditional cartridge but gaining pupularity in the states that allow them as a shotgun alternative for deer.

MI Hunting And Trapping Guide said:
A .35 caliber or larger rifle loaded with straight-walled cartridges with a min. case length of 1.16 inches and a maximum case length of 1.80 inches.