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QD sling attachment mounts for mossberg 500 pistol grip only

Hello guys. I have a mossberg 500 with ATI pistol grip only(no stock). I recently got a blue force padded vcas 2 point sling with qd mounts for my AR. I do love this sling because it can easily be adjusted. I will like to have the option to attach it to my shotgun if I never had the need for a sling.

I noticed GG&G makes an attachment plate for the rear and an attachment for the front tube.

I like the rear plate attachment. I have the tristar picatiny rail adapter that slides in the mag tube to hold a gun light. I have the screw cap at the end of the 8 shell mag tube. I believe the GG&G front attachment I have to put it behind that screw cap. So the screw cap will keep it in place. I don't know if I will like front sling attachment all the way at the end of the tube(since i have the 8-9 shell tube)

I was also looking at the magpul front sling attachment clamp. This one comes with QD and sling hook option. This one I can get closer to the tristar adapter.

What are your suggestions? Anyone using the GG&G QD attachment kit? How about the magpul?

I only use the shotgun for HD so the sling will not be attached. Same with the AR. I keep the sling in the safe ready to be attached when needed. Thanks.
Seeing as how your post is three years old now I guess you got it all worked out by now. I do have the Magpul forward sling clamp on the way to me right now along with an MS3 sling w/paraclips. Can't wait.