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Questions re: Mossy/Western Auto Revelations .308

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Greetings! Need to ask for some help please. I inherited a Western Auto Revelations mod 220A bolt gun in .308 Win from my late father that I'm trying to get repaired and updated. I've found that these were made by Mossberg, thus one was manufactured sometime between possibly 1969 and 1974.

1. I'm taking it to a gunsmith to evaluate for having the bolt stick shut after firing, and the more it heats up, the longer it takes and the harder I have to work to get it open. I have cleaned it and i doubt theres been more than 120 rounds through it. My dad shot a box and i dont think ive shot more than 4 boxes in the years ive had it. Ideas?

2. Is there a synthetic stock currently being manufactured that will fit this rifle?

Thank you for any help I can get!
Disassemble and thoroughly clean the bolt. I had problems with my .308 savage, just because of very minor debris in the mechanism of the bolt itself.

The bolt was so hard to work that I thought the gun was damaged.
The Western Auto 200A is the store brand of the Mossberg 800A. The bolts are almost identical.
What do the cases look like when they come out of the chamber? Are they scratched up? Are the primers flattened? What do the locking lugs on the bolt look like? Is the wear even across all of them? With the chamber warm, is it hard to open on an empty chamber? Is it hard to close on an empty chamber?
And as said before, when was the last time the bolt was disassembled and cleaned? Is there any way you could post some pictures of the empty cases, the bolt head, bolt face, locking lugs and the inside of the receiver?

I don't know of any plastic stocks that will fit the 200A. Boyds doesn't list the 200 series models.
Well, I haven't shot it in probably 10 years as it didn't work right. I don't recall what the shells looked like unfortunately. I also won't have an opportunity to shoot it for a while, the nearest range is 30 miles or so and is buried in snow. It is easy to open & close on cool, empty chamber, will try to carefully cycle a live round and check. I will say that after I posted here and it was suggested to check how dirty and gummed up it is.... it's not great. I'm planning to get a good de-greaser for cleaning the bolt out.

However, I cant see well in the lug area to see if it's as gunked up as the bolt. I'm thinking of taking the stock off and blasting the chamber out with cleaner, then taking a brass shotgun brush and a drill and reaming it out as well as I can. Any suggestions? Thinking of nonchlorinated carb cleaner.
Thank you!
As others have said, the rifle is an 800 Mossberg. Those rifles are quality made and use 6 locking lugs. Richards sell wood and laminated stocks and are top rate. I checked their website and they show a brown on brown laminate for an 8000A Mossberg in the bargain bin which I am guessing is a typo for an 800A. They will make whatever you want but there is a extra setup charge for odd rifles. Below is a Richards I put on a Savage 110. Hope this helps. http://rifle-stocks.com/bargain_list.htm110 and stock.jpg