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Rainy day Knife time

DJ, my WASR 10 came with one of those. The rifle was new the bayonet was not.
Not the most finely finished items but they tough enough, had to reallybwork to edge it for any slicing, i believe the cutter may work havent had occasion to try it id not mind digging with it or hammerin into pole for a step it would be fine for pokin hole to let the fluid leek out of soft or hard things etc...
I wouldnt mind having a couple more fixed blades laying around. I dont have a fixed tanto blade yet.

I have a few Tanto tipped blades. But they're not really my favorite taper.

The one I have like this, I sharpened it to a razors edge. https://www.budk.com/US-Marine-1942-Soldier-Sword-Sheath-25869

OK, maybe not that thin, but sharper than it was when I got it. I guarantee that it will draw blood. Plus, I didn't want to sharpen a chopper to a razor thin edge that will curl and bend over when striking something hard.

I think I also have an auto that has a tanto tip too.
@johnA. neat lookin sword. Tantos to me have a very specific purpose and they excel at that. I have two one is a large folder ultra sharp strong dangerous its my carry if i absolutely cannot have a firearm. The other is the fixed Recon above its been there and back again thank the good Lord all it ever opened was an mre now and again. If i ever had tonuse a knife for defense i dont subscribe to death by 1000 cuts too old too tired for an epic Kali style battle. i want fast deep accurate penetration to deliver an incapacitating strike quickly and efficiently as possible. Now if i God forbid ever was in said situation id surely question my prior planning in the after action report. Doesnt change the fact train and plan for evry possible scenario ya can.
If I were to design a battle tip, it would likely be similar to those triangle or + shaped SKS bayonets. I hear those take FOREVER to heal up, if by chance a fatal blow wasn't delivered.

Okey dokey picked up another fixed today, Georgia has an INCREDIBLE online trader forum of things i like. I had seen an Esse Camp lore rb3 listed a couple weeks and bang last nite he dropped price way diwn WOOHOO im in like hair on a biscuit. After some tag we finally met up. Well nice young fella really cool knife been used. His only dislike said to hard to keep off rust :) ahhh perfection my favorite. Done deal in the few minutes ive fondled i believe i may have found a really great belt knife for me this may be a daily user. First to clean , then.....mustard of course... Then a nice fresh edge in the morning. We shall see but possible love at first site on this one, felt like picking up a Browning Hi-power for the first time. Note picture between my two current fav utility all around fixed blades hmmm interesting marriage maybe. Time will tell 20181129_180718.jpg 20181129_180728.jpg 20181129_180801.jpg 20181129_181014.jpg
Im thinkin its a winner brother, thickness is right between the two also. Not to heavy not to light good moderate size as much as i sing mother Mora praises she aint cute and handle feels cheap. This Camplore feels goooood looks classy in leather. Daddy likes. Good coms over on bushycraft forum also il let ya know next November :)
Well, im not a dr therefore I have no patient's..... I accelerated the patina for rust prevention and scrubed the micarta with some Palmolive hot water and a toothbrush. I like the hand oils and blood and mud i just like it to be from me, compare the preclean handle pic, WOW. I did just a lite second grind 20181129_224117-1.jpg 20181129_224309-1.jpg and its actually maybe abit sharper than it should be we shall see how it holds up, its shaves now, nice except it aint for shaving. Anyway yup Im diggin it.